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Park Kyung (Block B) ft. SUMIN – INSTANT

Somethin’ that I that I want
Five minutes are all I need for a meal with a microwave
We weren’t gonna get married anyway
I’ll just find someone else

Even the melody I’m spitting out
What is right and
What is wrong I don’t Continue reading Park Kyung (Block B) ft. SUMIN – INSTANT


Block B (U-KWON Solo) – Everythin’

When I see you, without knowing
I start to smile, I can’t even talk
When you smile at me
I can’t breathe, I’m in another world

Even when you’re just there
When we briefly meet eyes
You’re so beautiful, my girl
Hold my hand
Stay with me just like now, my baby Continue reading Block B (U-KWON Solo) – Everythin’