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Suran – Breathe (Cross Country OST)

My heart feels at rest with this strange air tonight
Now goodbye
say goodbye bye bye bye

A secret bird of memories in the strange sky
I’m letting it fly off, bye bye Continue reading Suran – Breathe (Cross Country OST)


Nell – Breathe (숨) The Good Wife OST

Can I be alright?
Is there a meaning?
Only doubts keep increasing

The fact that I’m alone is making me sad
I tried but it’s really hard
Nothing happens the way I want it to Continue reading Nell – Breathe (숨) The Good Wife OST

Lee Hi – Breathe (한숨)

Take a deep breath
Until both sides of your heart get numb
Until it hurts a little
Let out your breath even more
Until you feel like there’s nothing left inside

It’s alright if you run out of breath
No one will blame you
It’s okay to make mistakes sometimes
Because anyone can do so
Although comforting by saying it’s alright
Are just words Continue reading Lee Hi – Breathe (한숨)