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BTS – Sea (바다)

I just started walking and ended up at the sea
I’m looking at the coast from here
There’s endless sand and the rough wind
But I’m looking at a desert
I wanted to have the sea so I swallowed you up
But I’m even thirstier than before
Is what I know really the ocean?
Or a blue desert? Continue reading BTS – Sea (바다)


BTS – Skit: Billboard Music Awards Speech

Woooh! And the Billboard Music Award goes to…BTS!

ARMY, our fandom, thank you very much
And you know we still cannot believe that we’re standing here on the stage of Billboard Music Award, oh my gosh Continue reading BTS – Skit: Billboard Music Awards Speech

BTS – Outro: Her

The world is a complex
We wus lookin’ for love
I was just one of those people
Didn’t even believe in true love
Just said I wanted to be in love like a habit
But I found myself
The whole new myself
I’m confused too, which one’s the real me?
Did you figure out that I’m a book after I met you?
Or did you turn my page?
Anyway, I wanna be the best man for you
Of course, you’re the world to me
When you said you wanted to die with me
I promised to be the man you want, God I swore to myself
So many complex
But I’m lookin’ for love
I don’t care if it’s a fake me, if you hold me
You’re my beginning and my end
So you finish me Continue reading BTS – Outro: Her