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Weki Meki – Butterfly

The foolish world doesn’t know you
It can’t see you, when you’re hidden
But I know, I can see you
Your bright wings

Don’t be afraid, you can do it
Spread out your wriggling wings
Fly high above the world Continue reading Weki Meki – Butterfly


ASTRO – Butterfly

Hey girl, you’re more dazzling today
Hey girl, I can’t take my eyes off you
I looked at you from far away, I’ll call you and run to you
Without you noticing (oh girl)

I can’t believe it, you’re looking at me
What if all of this is a dream?
I can’t stay still, what if you disappear?
Sometimes, I get afraid, when I see you, I don’t really know Continue reading ASTRO – Butterfly

BEAST – Butterfly

It’s not your fault if you shake when the wind blows
I’m the one who couldn’t hold onto you so don’t be sorry
You came to me, who didn’t deserve you, and shared your warmth
Everything has cooled now but I’m still so thankful

I hope it doesn’t take too long
So I can see you no matter how far away you are
I’m okay with that so you can beautifully fly away
My butterfly my butterfly my butterfly
I hope it doesn’t take too long Continue reading BEAST – Butterfly

Ha Neul Hae, Gong Bo Kyung – Butterfly (Warm and Cozy OST)

I’m a butterfly
I follow the wind
Flying along the dazzling sunlight
You’re a butterfly
Heart fluttering wings flapping
Waking up from all the painful memories
You’re the clear morning sunlight
I falling in your eyes Continue reading Ha Neul Hae, Gong Bo Kyung – Butterfly (Warm and Cozy OST)