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Cheeze – Just As A Lie (거짓말처럼)

What should I say?
I know you so well but
Each of our endings are so different

Because you knew this day would come

As if nothing’s wrong
You looked at this dead-end
And smiled just like always Continue reading Cheeze – Just As A Lie (거짓말처럼)


CHEEZE – In A Long Dream (긴 꿈에서)

When everyone’s asleep at night
The color of the ocean rolls
On a day the stars floating in the sky
Start to fall down
We’re laying here
With our eyes silently closed
My heart is longing
I’m afraid
That in the deep and dark days
I’ll lose your hand
That I’ll lose my breath
I’m floating in this small bubble of loneliness Continue reading CHEEZE – In A Long Dream (긴 꿈에서)