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Duetto – DREAM

I’ve endlessly dreamed
As I waited for today
Felt like this moment would never come
But here I am

With a trembling breath
I quietly closed my eyes
All preparations are done
Now it’s time to step forward Continue reading Duetto – DREAM


Samuel – Dream

This was my dream
This was my dream
How I wanted
How I hoped
This was my dream
This was my dream
How I prayed
How my mom wanted
I’m doing well

The light is on
I believe the God is on my side
I know it already started
My prime time
I believe it, I can do it
Angels are by my side
Protecting me
I bet u I can do it Continue reading Samuel – Dream

BTOB – Dream (꿈에)

When I reach out my hands, feels like I can touch
You, who is a dream
I’m walking to you right now
Step by step
Day by day, this street and this air
Was it always this clear?
I feel good for some reason

You are my dream dream
I live today for you
You are my dream dream
Wait a little, so I can fall asleep to you
In my dreams, tonight, in my dreams, in my dreams Continue reading BTOB – Dream (꿈에)