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BNR (feat. Sanchez of Phantom) – Shaken Up (흔들렸어)

It’s been a long time since we saw each other like this
Your braces came off and now your teeth are pretty
Your eyeliner on your clear, minimal makeup face looks so pretty
Since when did you become my close friend’s friend?
I can’t believe it’s a coincidence, it’s like the heavens are playing games with us
But it’s nice seeing you like this, seems like we’ve been waiting for this day Continue reading BNR (feat. Sanchez of Phantom) – Shaken Up (흔들렸어)


Hong Jin Young – Boogie Man (부기맨)

It’s amazing, you’re gentle
You are amazing

Don’t look at me, you keep looking
Stop staring at me, you’re giving me butterflies

Shaky shaky, my heart is shaking
You make my heart pound

You are awesome
I like you so much

I’m shy, I’m so shy, I don’t know
I’m only waiting for you Continue reading Hong Jin Young – Boogie Man (부기맨)

Pre’Melo – I Need A Break (휴식이 필요해)

People who work from nine to six
Living the busy life, they need a break

Overtime comes to me without care
I have to attend company dinners on a short notice
Sometimes I need a break

I’ll do what I like, sleep in
Watch the movies I wanted
Go on a trip with my best friends
I need a break Continue reading Pre’Melo – I Need A Break (휴식이 필요해)