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4men – Star

No matter how much I hear it, I like it
I never get sick of your voice

Whenever I look at you on screen
It’s so sweet, you’re so pretty, really

You don’t know me
You don’t even know my name
But you shine
My wannabe girl
You’re my small dream inside

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Pharoh (Feat. Loco, Taewan a.k.a C-Luv) – I Want You (원해)

Hey, I like you
Even if I try to make it complicated
I like you, ask me anything you want
The only answer that won’t change is that I like you
This feels awkward
I feel embarrassed but my heart rushes at the same time
This isn’t just a confession that I’m saying without thought
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Han So Ah – You! Who? (너 누구니)

Tell me, all about you
Actually, I still don’t really know you
I still can’t get the hang of you
I want to know, everything you’ve been hiding
This secretive feeling, it feels like you’re a bit different

When I see you, my eyes keep lingering on you (oh baby know)
When we face each other, this feeling spreads throughout my entire body (oh baby know)
I’m curious, something about you is special
All day, I only think of you (tell me)
You! who? You! who?

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Mose – Island (Golden Cross OST)

I only looked forward as I ran ahead
Taking a break was an extravagance for me
What is it that I truly want?
Where in the world is my dream?

Sometimes, I long for and get jealous of some things
There are those who easily cast me aside and leave me
But even during the last moments of when my heart beats
I will live however I want

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