T-ara – Sexy Love

Stop right there sexy love, your secretive eyes are filled with sexy love
I was like an impenetrable fortress but I’m shaking now
My cool-headed thoughts are shaking now

On this electrifying night, your hot eyes are calling me
(And it’s stealing my heart like this)
Stop right there, come to me and accept my heart now

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Melody Day (Feat. MC Jinri, Zeenan) – Words I Want To Tell You (해주고 싶은 말) Golden Time OST


Words I said because I miss you, words I want to tell you – come to me
Words that my heart says, words I want to tell you – just for a day by my side

Asking for the reason is not what love is about
Us resembling one another – that is love

* Close your eyes and look at me
Come to me, listen to this heart
Hold my hand, hug me tight
Shout and tell me that you love me
You fool
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(Fly) I’ve got a vista I’m making it crystal
Clear, sisters So follow my vista
Hey I show you, mister (Hey mister woo)

You roam free in the sky, on the ground, you are superman
Come here and tell me (can’t you mister?)
Don’t you get scared if you fly that high?
I am trying to fly as well (to the sky high)

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G-Dragon – That XX (그XX)

I was walking down the street when I saw your man
(Yeah I saw him)
I saw that my predictions were right
(I told you)
He took off the ring you gave him and linked his arm around someone
I’ll just leave it at that
I don’t wanna hurt you

But you actually get mad at me
Saying that there’s no way he’d do that
(Sure you’re right)
I became aware of you being upset
And I said I must have seen someone else
Yes, I’ll lie for you
(I’m sorry)

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