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SF9 – Fall Down (이러다가 울겠어)

Love changes anyway
Just like winter comes after summer goes
I don’t need comfort
This is something everyone goes through

I’m free now, it’s not over
It’s just a new beginning
Stop looking back
Just keep walking
Because I’m barely holding it in Continue reading SF9 – Fall Down (이러다가 울겠어)


SF9 – Hide and Seek (머리카락 보일라)

Here’s a little song for you girl
Woo yeah
nanananana woo hoo

Hey listen up

As if you’re trying to say something
You’re biting your lips
It’s like when we first met
Even the air is awkward, I like it
Your hands are speaking for you right now
I know you’re nervous
I’m sure of it, you’re hiding something
no no no no no no no Continue reading SF9 – Hide and Seek (머리카락 보일라)

SF9 – Intro (이별 즈음에)

Things aren’t sweet between us
Like a fallen persimmon
You’ll say they’re just friends
All those guys around you
I don’t think it’s worth it
To continue our relationship anymore
This game sucks
I can see how it’ll develop
Let’s not drag this
Shoo, shoo, go away you
Stop pretending to cry, see
This applies to you too Continue reading SF9 – Intro (이별 즈음에)