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Woogie ft. Loco & Hwang So Yoon) – GIRL

My sniffling nose, my hands in my pocket
From the cold air as I waited for you
I hear the sound of the guitar and when the sky gets dark
I’m letting out the same sigh as I have for years

When will this winter be over?
Doesn’t even feel like a season anymore
Our Seoul that felt like it would stop
Is spinning and spinning even brighter Continue reading Woogie ft. Loco & Hwang So Yoon) – GIRL


Lee Moon Sae – Girl (소녀)

Only stay by my side
You can’t leave me
I can’t leave on a long journey with this longing
Going to look for your rainbow

As I sit by the window at sunset
I see the clouds floating far away
I draw out the old memories thatI want to find
In the cold blowing wind, if you get lonely
I will always stay by your side
I won’t leave you Continue reading Lee Moon Sae – Girl (소녀)