Yuri (Girls’ Generation) – C’est La Vie (That’s LIFE!)

C’est La C’est La Vie
La La La La La La La La Vie X 2

The more I walk, the more complicated the maze
That’s life

(Sometimes) is it alright?
(Keep tryin’) don’t doubt
(Rise) Face the mystery in front of you Continue reading “Yuri (Girls’ Generation) – C’est La Vie (That’s LIFE!)”


Taeyeon – Something New

Sounds above the city, trouble overflowing
People walking without time to spare
This is like a jungle, I’m zoning out with a sigh

Once I open my eyes, like a habit, I look for something new
Not knowing it’s poison, the more it overflows
Like being trapped, everyone’s dreams become the same
As we’ve turned around from the sound from really deep within Continue reading “Taeyeon – Something New”