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Hello (Rigidong rigidong)
Hello (Rigidong rigidong)
Where are you?

What’s going on? Why aren’t you picking up?
Maybe this time (ddurururu)
One more time (ddurururu)
Of course (ddururu)
Hello? I’m really worried Continue reading WINNER – HELLO (여보세요)


Younha (ft. pH-1) – Hello (종이비행기)

It’s alright
Follow the wind

I’ll watch over you
So you can do it
Look, you’re already flying in the sky Continue reading Younha (ft. pH-1) – Hello (종이비행기)

Jenyer (ft. Kisum) – Hello (저기요)

You know I’m here but you pretend you don’t
I know I’m on your mind
You pretend that’s I’m not and you steal glances at me
Then when we meet eyes, you try to act cool but your face gets red, now U know
(U know)I know (I know)
we know (we know) yea Continue reading Jenyer (ft. Kisum) – Hello (저기요)