Yuri (Girls’ Generation) – Illusion (꿈)

Don’t acting like you’re real
I’m exhausted from trying to hide you
It’s outside my prediction
I can’t stay complacent

Why is my heart beating faster?
It flies then falls endlessly
I’m still really confused, even when I close my eyes Continue reading “Yuri (Girls’ Generation) – Illusion (꿈)”


OH MY GIRL – Illusion

oh love love love
It’s so mysterious, it’s so amazing
Taking a white rabbit out of a hat or a small bird disappearing
That’s too easy, yes you know that
Because of you, my world has changed at the blink of an eye
So focus, hold your breath and be excited

Let’s keep it between us, it’s our secret
I like you and you like me
That’s so amazing and great Continue reading “OH MY GIRL – Illusion”

GreatGuy – illusion

Don’t say anything
Slowly look into my eyes
Trust me and follow me baby

At each of my small gestures
You’re gonna newly open your eyes
Though you won’t believe it

Slowly come into me
It’s dangerous, it’s dangerous
Hold my hand
Feel a completely different universe
At this place, at this place
It’s just you and me Continue reading “GreatGuy – illusion”