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Yong Jun Hyung – I’m Fine (견딜 만해)

I’m still the same, I got better at drinking
I can’t really sleep at night so I take meds
I don’t go to the hospital when I’m not feeling well
I just lay sick in bed all day

I heard you’re doing well
I don’t wanna hear about you but I always hear about you
After your favorite season winter, spring came
But flowers still don’t bloom in my heart Continue reading Yong Jun Hyung – I’m Fine (견딜 만해)


Kim Dong Wan – I’m Fine

I put on some clothes that aren’t what you picked out
I’m used to seeing how messy I look in the mirror

I miss how you used to nag me to take care of my body
But I just hold it in

I just wear whatever, I just eat whatever
I just spend my days like it’s nothing, that’s how I live
Sometimes I get sad when I think of you but don’t worry, I’m fine Continue reading Kim Dong Wan – I’m Fine