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IN2IT – Snapshot

Babe, it’s getting hotter, your feeling
The look you’re giving me is sticky
Heart beat goes fast
Heart beat goes slow
Heart beat stops
You’ve already fallen for me

Look at me on stage with the lights on
I’m stealing your eyes
I’m hitting your heart
I can almost see through your shirt
I’m bewitching you
Oh give it to me Continue reading IN2IT – Snapshot


Yeontae (IN2IT) – My Way (내 멋대로) Revolutionary Love OST

I wanted to become an adult quickly
In this cramped world

When will I be able to escape?
Towards a better world?

Even after time, I’m still in this birdcage
The mirror reflection still shows someone not very special Continue reading Yeontae (IN2IT) – My Way (내 멋대로) Revolutionary Love OST

IN2IT – Paradise

I was walking for a while and looked back
Way over there, far away like it’s a dream
Let’s follow the clouds and fly higher in the sky

Imagine, all the dreams gather in this paradise
This place has been born new, paradise
Moments that I thought I couldn’t see
They are now brightly before me
I must fly high to catch the blue dreams again Continue reading IN2IT – Paradise