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Yeontae (IN2IT) – My Way (내 멋대로) Revolutionary Love OST

I wanted to become an adult quickly
In this cramped world

When will I be able to escape?
Towards a better world?

Even after time, I’m still in this birdcage
The mirror reflection still shows someone not very special Continue reading Yeontae (IN2IT) – My Way (내 멋대로) Revolutionary Love OST


IN2IT – Cadillac

Oh woo got it, got it loose
Oh woo don’t you know baby
I need you baby, I need it baby

White shirts
Denim pants
Wide leg
Up in the Cadillac

Feeling electric
Shaking it to the rhythm
With edge
Up in the Cadillac Continue reading IN2IT – Cadillac

IN2IT – Paradise

I was walking for a while and looked back
Way over there, far away like it’s a dream
Let’s follow the clouds and fly higher in the sky

Imagine, all the dreams gather in this paradise
This place has been born new, paradise
Moments that I thought I couldn’t see
They are now brightly before me
I must fly high to catch the blue dreams again Continue reading IN2IT – Paradise