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Los – Intro

My life and pride were stolen
Early morning prayers, mama prayed fuh me
My mind is like ash, little Brian was a baby back then
I was a baby too
stick em up, i filled up my pockets
Mom cries, I’m a bastard
Learned the bad way from the hyungs
City of angels is all burne dup
Machine gun go bomp bomp bomp
You know that California shiiiet
Doughnuts in my mama’s benz
With my down Korean biiiiitch


fromis_9 – Pinocchio

What do I do?
My head hurts because of you
I feel like woo hu woo hu woo
(hu woo hu woo)
Every time you open your mouth, you lie

OK! I won’t let you go anymore, I’ll make you into Pinocchio
Ha ha check it, your eyes, nose, lips
Casting a spell, follow me and say it
Pa pa party time
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fromis_9 – Miracle (환상속의 그대)

Love me! Take me! Kiss me! Get me closer

I can’t hide it, my blooming feelings whenever I see you
I’m drawing us out on the blue sky, I can only see you

I can’t stop, I don’t wanna wake up from this dream
I’m trapped in these times that are filled with you
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