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Jay Park (Feat. Dok2) – 1HUNNIT (사실이야)


Ah yeah, my wallet is so full
Every day, 1 time, I don’t worry about money
I’m a bad boy but I have a good heart
Burn it up, K-Pop is my cigarette
Fall, winter, spring, summer, I stay fly
When you see my walk, you’ll know that I’m different
When you hear my music, you all will give up
I don’t even care
Music these days ugh doesn’t excite me
My mom can rap better than you
I’m twice as better as you, you’re only half of me
I’m getting mixed up with too many girls
Just like lace, um, I can see right through you
I’m famous so people gather around me
It’s bye bye sucka mothafucka’s can’t see me

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