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Jenyer – Bus

I don’t even look at the passing buses
And I only realize after time
I know but why do I keep waiting?
Waiting for someone else without focus

Everyone seems so happy outside
Times like this, I seem the saddest
Don’t wanna hear the sounds of the world
So I turned my music up louder
So I can go away somewhere just like this Continue reading Jenyer – Bus


Jenyer (ft. Kisum) – Hello (저기요)

You know I’m here but you pretend you don’t
I know I’m on your mind
You pretend that’s I’m not and you steal glances at me
Then when we meet eyes, you try to act cool but your face gets red, now U know
(U know)I know (I know)
we know (we know) yea Continue reading Jenyer (ft. Kisum) – Hello (저기요)