Jung Dae Hyun – When You Call

I’m always watching over you from far away
Do you know?

I try to approach you but I can’t
Do you know?

My hand wanted to comfort you
But I couldn’t do it, you had someone else
I was so jealous
If only I could be by your side Continue reading “Jung Dae Hyun – When You Call”


Jung Dae Hyun – Happy Dreams (INTRO)

In my small and beautiful world
You deeply entered and shyly smiled
Let’s go look for that happiness
Fly away
Even if you don’t look too far
Even if you try to look for me
I’m always next to you
I’ll be looking at you and smiling
Thank you
You’re the brightest and biggest gift to me
There’s no reason
I’ll always be by your side
Still With You
Uh Uh Uh Uh
Uh Uh U Uh
Close your eyes now
Fall into a deep sleep
Happy Dreams