Ji Chang Wook – Fill Up (채운다) Five Fingers OST

I pace these streets every day
I’m walking alone on these streets where we walked together
I try to sleep so I can forget you but
I hear your clear voice in my dreams

* You come to my heart so easily
Every time, it feels like my heart will stop
No matter how hard I try, I can’t erase your love
You love flows as tears and fills up my heart

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Love Letter – Cry Bye (Glass Mask OST)

Because I like you, you’re the person I gave my everything, a person I shouldn’t love
Because I love you, you’re the person that has my everything, making me cry like a fool

* Because the sadness is all, (cry) even when tears stop (bye bye)
Even the memories are engraved as pain
Because the pain is all, even if I open my eyes again (cry bye)
Please wake me from this dream

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