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Yong Jun Hyung – Go Away (무슨 말이 필요해)

Don’t be too sad
The heart is a difficult thing (you know)
If you have to hate me
I won’t stop you

I loved you a lot
Even if you say otherwise
I didn’t want things to end this easily Continue reading Yong Jun Hyung – Go Away (무슨 말이 필요해)


Badkiz – Just One Day (딱하루)

I tried holding on to my shaking heart
As I cried out loud, this isn’t right
This is momentary, pain is only momentary
I close my eyes to erase you but I think of you again

Who doesn’t know it’s only momentary?
I know that once time passes
The pain so bad that I couldn’t breathe
And all of the talks we had still remain Continue reading Badkiz – Just One Day (딱하루)