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Yong Jun Hyung – Go Away (무슨 말이 필요해)

Don’t be too sad
The heart is a difficult thing (you know)
If you have to hate me
I won’t stop you

I loved you a lot
Even if you say otherwise
I didn’t want things to end this easily Continue reading Yong Jun Hyung – Go Away (무슨 말이 필요해)


Badkiz – Just One Day (딱하루)

I tried holding on to my shaking heart
As I cried out loud, this isn’t right
This is momentary, pain is only momentary
I close my eyes to erase you but I think of you again

Who doesn’t know it’s only momentary?
I know that once time passes
The pain so bad that I couldn’t breathe
And all of the talks we had still remain Continue reading Badkiz – Just One Day (딱하루)

Kara – Red Light (빨간불)

Where are you? Have you forgotten our date?
Are you going to be really late?
At least send me a reply right away.

Are you taking me too lightly?
You order me around, to come and go, you call me out
Are you testing me? Are you playing games with me?
Just hurry up and come, please

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Kara – Story (이야기)

Will you listen to my love story?
A common story, a break up story
We had such a pretty love, we thought we’d be different
But my heart is growing weak

I always started my day with you
And ended it with you again
But I couldn’t stand my heart that was cooling down little by little

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