Ahn Ji Yeon – Lost (The Smile Has Left Your Eyes OST Part 3)

I wonder how much time has passed
Do you remember me?
I’m walking through time
That’s been laid out

The moment of destiny
Believe in the miracle
I’m embracing all of the laughter
And all of the pain inside Continue reading “Ahn Ji Yeon – Lost (The Smile Has Left Your Eyes OST Part 3)”


BTS – Lost

My eyes are closed and I’m still standing here
Lost in the middle of a desert and ocean
I’m still wandering, where should I go?
I didn’t know there would be this much
Paths I haven’t gone on, paths I can’t go on
I never felt this way before
Am I becoming an adult? Continue reading “BTS – Lost”

Legend – Lost

I comfort my burning heart as I reminisce about you
Everything about you becomes an echo now
I try to hold onto you, who is far away and fading
But I can’t turn back the time that has already passed by

I’m falling, I’m crying (I’m falling, I’m crying)
I’m spinning around the space we used to be together

I need you back Continue reading “Legend – Lost”