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Mamamoo – Rainy Season (장마)

It’s a rainy day
It’s too early for us to break up
Why Why Why
Left all alone at dawn
I feel so down down down

I need an umbrella
I won’t get better with half-hearted comfort
I’m trying to endure
But if I start crying, I don’t think I can stop Continue reading Mamamoo – Rainy Season (장마)


Teen Top – Go Away (헤어지고 난 후)

We came too far
To keep the promise of being together forever
I’m happy that I met you
It’s too late to turn things around

Those last words you said make me struggle
Don’t cry good bye baby
Your words make me feel so heavy Continue reading Teen Top – Go Away (헤어지고 난 후)

Teen Top – Without You (니가 없으면)

Why do you keep using your mom as an excuse?
Since when did you go hom at 12?
Why do you keep going to the bathroom?
Why are you drunkenly calling me by someone else’s name?

Like someone who’s been caught eating something
Why are you so surprised?
Like the passing wind
You seem so strange today Continue reading Teen Top – Without You (니가 없으면)

Teen Top – SOS (클났네)

Is it because your visuals are crazy
Or is it because I’m just crazy
My heart when I look at you goes
Oh oh oh oh yeah
Is it because I’m drunk
Or is it because I’m immature
I can’t snap out of it
Oh oh oh oh yeah

It’s dangerous, it’s an emergency
It’s strange, somebody help me, SOS
Your standards are so high
But right now, I’m fearless, yeah
Maybe I’ve gone crazy because of you Continue reading Teen Top – SOS (클났네)