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Raina ft. Aron of NU’EST – Loop (밥 영화 카페)

When I open my eyes in the morning, good morning
It’s nice but I get tired of it (it’s boring)
The same time, the same date
Even if I dress up, it’s dinner, a movie and a cafe (typical)

I don’t expect surprises (it’s not that)
Just wondering if there is anything new (like what?)
It’s not because I don’t like you (it’s not that)
I actually want to be with you more Continue reading Raina ft. Aron of NU’EST – Loop (밥 영화 카페)


NU’EST – Look (a starlight night)

Today, if it’ll be a beautiful night with you
I want to naturally make the flower bloom

I want to make you feel my heart
Without holding back
Take My Hand Take My hand Continue reading NU’EST – Look (a starlight night)