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JJ Project – On & On

The light keeps shining on me
Exposing my darkness
I’m sad but I pretend I’m not
It hurts but I pretend it doesn’t Continue reading JJ Project – On & On


LYn (ft. Chancellor) – On & On


Come close to me, means what i say
Dance for me, baby let’s sway
whateva you want oh babe
Trust me, go where your heart takes you, just come
whateva you need oh babe

When we’re together, it’s wonderland
A paradise that everyone’s jealous about
Let’s dream of a place with no tomorrow Continue reading LYn (ft. Chancellor) – On & On

Yook Ji Dam (feat. 15&’s Baek Ye Rin) – On & On (Prod. by The Quiett)

A kid who was lost from the start
At such a young age to face the world
You don’t know, only seeing how I smile on TV
And believing in everything that’s on the Internet
When kids used to make fun of me for having dark skin
Tasha’s Black Happiness comforted me
That’s when I started to know hip-hop
Because that was my only friend
When I opened my eyes, I transformed into a wrongdoer Continue reading Yook Ji Dam (feat. 15&’s Baek Ye Rin) – On & On (Prod. by The Quiett)