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Shinhwa – #Chocolat

The fresh lemon scent is sweet
Romantic like the sunlight that wraps around me
I look at you every day
But you’re like an angel
Wanna be with you
Ooh Baby,
Make You Feel My Love Continue reading Shinhwa – #Chocolat


Shinhwa – Like A Star (별)

Girl, The Love Of My Life
Always Know That
l’m Never Gonna Let You Go

In the countless days that passed
You became my dream
Thank you and I’m sorry
Any kind of expression isn’t enough
But with my love
I am singing my heart for you
Throughout this long time
Your eyes make me overwhelmed
Because you are my strength Continue reading Shinhwa – Like A Star (별)

Shinhwa – We (우리)

After a really long day
I’m on my way to see you
There’s a little traffic
But I’m enjoying even this
The melodies of the songs on each street
Make my heart flutter

Turning up oh oh oh
The volume oh oh oh
We Love We Love
We Love We Love 2 Party
Sing a song uh uh so you can leave the world
We Love We Love
We Love We Love 2 Party Continue reading Shinhwa – We (우리)