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We’re on a date right now
But why I am the only one looking at you?
Times like this, anyway
My feelings keep growing, into the sky

I am S O R R Y
I am S O R R Y
I am S O R R Y
I am S O R R Y

Why why
Why S O R R Y
Why S O R R Y
Why why
Why S O R R Y Continue reading GIRLKIND – SORRY


Heize – Sorry (MIANHAE)

Before anything, I’m sorry
And I’m sorry and I’m sorry again
It’s all my fault
It’s all me
I told you I shouldn’t have existed
Hey, I’m really sorry
I can’t just be cool about it
Cuz my stupid personality
Is from my parents’ precious DNA
I want to change too
Like the actors on TV
I try practicing in front of the mirror
But I’m not very good at acting happy Continue reading Heize – Sorry (MIANHAE)

Lim Jun Hyeok – Sorry

Baby, I’m sorry, sorry
I’m still so filled up with you
My heart just won’t listen
This break up with you
I don’t think I can go through with it

Right now, you and I, I wonder where we are
When will our end come to an end?
Walking on a path without you is still so hard for me
But for you, I’ll try to forget everything Continue reading Lim Jun Hyeok – Sorry