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VROMANCE – Star (별)

Even on dark and rainy nights
I can see the star that is you
I wonder where you are

Our pretty story and memory
Did you forget it all? Goodbye
A fine day a better day Continue reading VROMANCE – Star (별)


Yang Yoseob – Star (별)

I remembered the cold winter night
When you told me that the star we’re looking at together
Shined for a long time alone
So I looked at the sky

Like the star that we looked at together
I promise to be a star in your heart
That remains for a long time and shines
For you, who endured through the dark times with me Continue reading Yang Yoseob – Star (별)

NOIR – Star (별이 되어서) Action Noir

The long wait that was so hard
Now deeply remains as a cherished memory
With a fluttering heart in front of a new beginning
I’ll face you, watch out for me

Ye long time ago
Because of those times
I’m able to be here right now
I won’t ever forget, I’ll engrave it inside
Cuz it makes me go twice as hard, go hard Continue reading NOIR – Star (별이 되어서) Action Noir