Sung Hoon – Something (I'm Not A Robot OST)

Just by passing each other
If an electricity flows
When you exchange looks
And get a good feeling
At this point, there’s something
Take courage and go

If the weather’s nice
Or it’s nice to walk
This or that
Say something
If not now, then there will be nothing
You’ll end up home alone
This moment won’t ever come again
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Roi & Kim Jae Kyung (Rainbow) – Is It Love (사랑인가요) Noble, My Love OST

what a feeling
what a feeling
what a feeling

I’m not the me I used to know
A woman like you, who are you to change everything about me?
I’m falling in love I’m in love

All day, I think of you
I like this strange trembling
Am I allowed to be like this?
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