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Super Junior – Super Duper

Super Duper Super Duper
Super Duper Super Duper
Super Duper we’re Super Duper
Super Duper of course, we’re Super Duper

Once I arrive
I hear “oppa” every where
I’m a worldwide gentleman, Mister Simple
La Di Da Ri You know we came to party
La Di Da Ri You know we like to party Continue reading Super Junior – Super Duper


Sungmin (Super Junior) – DAYDREAM (낮 꿈)

A nameless wildflower
Just like some kind of destiny
Blossoms in the soft heart of a young child
Butterflies flying around the flower
That is in the child’s arms
With a bright smile as if he has the world Continue reading Sungmin (Super Junior) – DAYDREAM (낮 꿈)

Donghae x Cadillac – Perfect

Love me Love me Love me Lady
Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me Babe

When I fall in love with you
I keep thinking about you
Your smile, the sound of your laugh
All day, it lingers in my ears
I wanted to be together a little longer
Just the two of us, so we’re going on the same road again Continue reading Donghae x Cadillac – Perfect