Jamie (The Lush) – Lucky (The Best Chicken OST Part 5)

When things get hard, lucky in my life
You come to me like a dream
When I get sad, lucky in my dream
You warmly embrace me

I’m always smiling like this
Even if the world gives me a hard time
I don’t ever want to show tears
Even though you don’t know my heart
I’m grateful that I can cherish your smile from afar Continue reading “Jamie (The Lush) – Lucky (The Best Chicken OST Part 5)”

Seven O’Clock – Heaven (The Best Chicken OST Part 4)

On an especially dark night, the lone moon was so pretty
You were the one who knocked on my shriveled heart
You shook me up like the blowing wind
My once blue heart is now colored with you

You probably don’t know that all of this is a miracle
All the sadness of the painful past is now gone
My once blank face is now filled with smiles
You throw these emotions that will never come again into my heart Continue reading “Seven O’Clock – Heaven (The Best Chicken OST Part 4)”

Sohee (ELRIS) – Dr. Dream (The Best Chicken OST Part 2)

A star has fallen into my restless heart
It keeps digging deep and twinkling
I’m getting a strange feeling
Awakening my lurking dream
I’ve come forth to the world

I don’t really know either
No one knows what will happen
There’s no rule against success
So I’m not afraid
This is the perfect time, it’s better to make things big
I want to follow the sound of my heart that’s beating faster and live again Continue reading “Sohee (ELRIS) – Dr. Dream (The Best Chicken OST Part 2)”