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Love me baby
Something was strange from the start
Your eyes were special, I kept looking at you
I tried to act chic but I kept stealing glances at you
Without even knowing, what’s wrong with me?
I try to act like I’m not interested Continue reading TWICE – STUCK



You’re looking at me
I’m filled with an unknown trembling
Doesn’t feel like the first time
I’m following you and a game of hide-and-seek has begun
Approaching you, this risky game has started
The moment I first saw you

It’s you, oh DEJAVU
I’m facing you, who resembles my dreams
You’re so mysterious, I’m so curious
Should I go to you and talk to you?
I can’t figure you out
Oh my, our eyes have met
Maybe you feel the same way, we’re getting closer
It’s a story only we know
You and my DEJAVU Continue reading TWICE – DEJAVU