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VIXX – Love Letter


Even if I’m not a good talker, please understand me
I will tell you all of the truth that I’ve been keeping

Do you remember the day we first met?
Your pretty lips smiled at me

After that day, I was determined
That I never want to lose you from my embrace
That I will go till the end

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Those eyes penetrates me, pierces my heart
It infiltrates into my hormones in my body, she controls me, bad girl

The moment I first saw you, it was a perfect chemistry
I’m your accessory that is prepared for you
It’s not heaven and the end is hell but I’m being pulled to you

* I want you, you burn up me like crazy
The closer I get, the more I get cut by a knife called you
Though I know the end, I keep falling for you

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VIXX (Feat. Minah of Girl’s Day) – You’re Mine / Stop Enduring (그만 버티고)


Go shawty go shawty shawty, before this night is over
Don’t go home, there’s still a lot to do
Go go shawty shawty, before I change my mind
Stop playing hard to get, I took courage and talked to you, girl

These days, I doubt you
On whether you really love me
Stay still for a bit, give this a chance to get deeper
Our relationship is just going around the outside

* Let’s stop for today, this is enough for today
We still need time to get to know each other
I love you, I like you but
Honestly, I’m worried, we’re moving too fast

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VIXX – Light Up The Darkness (어둠 속을 밝혀줘)


Yeah we back, the city is mine baby. Leggo

The maze spreads over the gray city
Time stops as I look for you right here
An angel of darkness, an illusion of a nightmare
She slightly shines through her mask

Her silhouette is hidden behind a black fog
I will find you before you disappear baby
In this dying city, hope is far away
Save this divided land, baby

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