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Wing Wing Wing Wing
Hey, I’m going crazy
Boom Boom Boom Boom

I threw it toward your heart, oh my god
But the arrow came back to me like pyoo
And it tortures me, no no no no

What are you? What
You drive me crazy, drive me crazy
I’m pretty decent too, hey
But how come you make me feel so small?
I don’t know Know Continue reading Wanna One – BOOMERANG


Wanna One – I Promise You (I.P.U) 약속해요

On a day when cherry blossoms starting falling
I met you for the first time
A day mixed with unfamiliar trembling
And scary heart fluttering
Now I can finally tell you
I was really afraid
Because I thought you might be the last one

But you embraced me though I was inexperienced
You held me tight though I wasn’t good enough
I still remember your eyes
I’ll engrave it on my heart forever Continue reading Wanna One – I Promise You (I.P.U) 약속해요