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Weki Meki – Butterfly

The foolish world doesn’t know you
It can’t see you, when you’re hidden
But I know, I can see you
Your bright wings

Don’t be afraid, you can do it
Spread out your wriggling wings
Fly high above the world Continue reading Weki Meki – Butterfly


Long:D (ft. Kim Do Yeon of Weki Meki) – All Night

Feels like I’m dreaming with my eyes open
Turning away from reality
You and me
We’re in the same world
But in different seasons
I can’t figure out the distance
Between our hearts that can’t be seen
Without you, I’m just hurting here alone Continue reading Long:D (ft. Kim Do Yeon of Weki Meki) – All Night

Weki Meki – My World

I had a really weird dream
Everything around me was the opposite and unfamiliar
Is it my fault? Just when I was getting confused
Someone held my hand and took me away

You make me fly, like a bird flying in the sky, small and soft
But I know where to know, even when the wind blows, hold me so I won’t shake
Only you can do it, you’re the only one, my world, my love Continue reading Weki Meki – My World