Knock knock, I miss you
I can’t underestimate you, I can’t have you (so sad)
Drip drip, tears fall but you’re not showing your beautiful self even once (this is too much)
She’s only cold to me, she’s a famous hwayi
Where did all the stars of Seoul go? Oh in your eyes
When you’re with him you’ll be in dystopia
If you follow my footsteps, it’ll be utopia Continue reading “MINO – FIANCÉ (아낙네)”



All day my emotions go up and down
My premonitions always go past me
That feeling you get when you get splashed on by a car racing by
That’s how I feel all day but I forget about it quickly
Sometimes, I forget things, the traffic light is up
Not enough time to cross the street
Can’t do this or that so I’m just going home
Hating this cloudy weather Continue reading “WINNER – RAINING”


(Oh, You are so special)

We make it something
Tonight, we’re counting the glittering stars
If you want, tell me
The closer your breath gets, the more electric it is, yeah

I’m trying harder today, mousse in my hair no no
That looks too old, make it look more natural with wax
The expensive clothes I’ve hid, the fit looks nice
I heard that place was good
Wallet full of fat cash, check, going to see you, leggo Continue reading “WINNER – SPECIAL NIGHT”