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Even if you’re far away, don’t be lonely
I’ll be by your side
Look here, I’ll say hello with a smile

The moon rises, dawn comes
You’re not here now
If I knew that was the last time, I would’ve said goodbye
God is not fair, time can’t be stopped
The start and the end aren’t the same
I’ll just think that you left a bit early Continue reading WINNER – HAVE A GOOD DAY



All day my emotions go up and down
My premonitions always go past me
That feeling you get when you get splashed on by a car racing by
That’s how I feel all day but I forget about it quickly
Sometimes, I forget things, the traffic light is up
Not enough time to cross the street
Can’t do this or that so I’m just going home
Hating this cloudy weather Continue reading WINNER – RAINING


(Oh, You are so special)

We make it something
Tonight, we’re counting the glittering stars
If you want, tell me
The closer your breath gets, the more electric it is, yeah

I’m trying harder today, mousse in my hair no no
That looks too old, make it look more natural with wax
The expensive clothes I’ve hid, the fit looks nice
I heard that place was good
Wallet full of fat cash, check, going to see you, leggo Continue reading WINNER – SPECIAL NIGHT


Ready action, first, a melodrama
Animation, drama, thriller
Whatever it is, I’m the main star
Movie star, Imma Imma movie star yeah

When the adults asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up
President, judge, celebrity were my answers
But reality was being an extra and riding pick up vans
My childhood dreams have gone somewhere
I wanted to shine but when everyone else was shining
I was satisfied with being a street light in an alleyway
I forced myself to follow the rules like tetris Continue reading WINNER – MOVIE STAR