Yang Da Il & Wendy (Red Velvet) – One Summer (그해 여름)

On hot days like today
I remember you and how we left together
When I see how little energy I have
I remember you

You always got annoyed
Saying you like winter better than this hot summer
But because we could watch the rain fall together
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Han Hae & Yang Da Il – Actually (사실은) Love Pub OST Part 1

I slept for eight hours
The sunlight brightens my room
Where did yesterday’s exhaustion go?
I was stretching then I thought of you
I open the fridge and ate an apple
Barely washing up, just picked out my eye crust
I was spacing out in front of the TV
Then without knowing, I thought of you again
I wonder if you know
Of course you don’t
Because I only step back when I’m with you
Only imagining being with you
Strangely, I feel so small in front of the mirror
Actually, I wasn’t this kind of guy
Actually, yes, I was always this kind of guy
I’m confused, who am I when I’m with you?
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