Yesung & Bumkey – Carpet

The clouds have gotten a floor lower
The darkness and the crackling air have increased an inch
Feels like your dizzy past has finally found its place

Like your heart moving with your touch
There are emotions that unravel in one moment
Do you know how I’m always in one part of your space? Continue reading “Yesung & Bumkey – Carpet”


Yesung (Super Junior) & Chungha – Whatcha Doin’ (지금 어디야)

My hands are getting numb, zing zing zing
How much longer are we just gonna text? What are we doing?
The ‘1’ has already disappeared
You read my heart but why aren’t you answering?

You don’t know why
Rather than a hundred words, I want one kiss
You loosen up my knots
Your heart is blinking, before we hang up
You say it, where are you? Say it Continue reading “Yesung (Super Junior) & Chungha – Whatcha Doin’ (지금 어디야)”