Knock knock, I miss you
I can’t underestimate you, I can’t have you (so sad)
Drip drip, tears fall but you’re not showing your beautiful self even once (this is too much)
She’s only cold to me, she’s a famous hwayi
Where did all the stars of Seoul go? Oh in your eyes
When you’re with him you’ll be in dystopia
If you follow my footsteps, it’ll be utopia Continue reading “MINO – FIANCÉ (아낙네)”



If you really really love me then tell me
That you can’t go a day without me, really really
That you want me so bad that you’re obsessed, really

If you really really want me then tell me
That you’ll never look at anyone else, really really
That you’re different from other guys, really

Tell me you’ll pick the stars from the sky for me
Be good to me when you have me, don’t have much time
Tell me other girls look like rocks
Sometimes, I want to hear these white lies Continue reading “BLACKPINK – Really”