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Kim Yong Jin (Bohemian) – Love…Remember (사랑…기억) Only Love OST

I opened my heart without fear
That’s why it’s so hard right now
I should’ve approached you slowly
But I think I fell in love too quickly

If my heart stops, will I be able to accept your love?
If I turn my heart away, will you love me?
If time stops, will this pain stop too?
I didn’t know love was this hard

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Shin Sung Rok – Boiling (펄펄 끓어요) Trot Lovers OST

You seem sad today, making my heart want to cry
I can’t stop worrying about you, what do I do?

The wind passes you and flies over to me
My nose and my heart are filled with your scent

My heart is boiling
Burn your sadness in here
I’ll send you my heart
I want to see you smiling

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BBAhn – I Just Need You (그대면 돼요) Land Of Gold OST

I miss you, I miss you, even after time passes
I hate my heart for not knowing how to rest
I am trapped in my lengthening days
I can’t do anything

It’s you, I only need you alone
I don’t want anything else, I just need you
If you’re my by side, which is what I want
By your side, I love you, only you

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Junggigo (Feat. Minwoo of Boyfriend) – Too Good (아까워) High School: Love On OST

It feels like I’m living in a dream every day these days
I’m still not used to this kind of life
When I’m with you, the stars twinkle even during the day

I don’t want to meet anyone else but you
Without you, I don’t want to do anything
Even when I’m with my friends, I’m always thinking about you

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Jay Park (feat. Loco, AOMG) – NaNa (나나)

I can’t feel down because it’s the weekend
Throw away all worries cause I feel alright

If you know how to have fun, needa put yo hands up
Fake girls and guys pretending to be tough, go away
Tonight everyone is turnt up, running hard till the end, I’m Usain Bolt
Pretty ladies laughing and talking
They keep staying near me but I’m used to it
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