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G-Dragon & Taeyang – Good boy

Put your hands in the air
How y’all feeling out there
We gon’ party over here
Everyone together sing it let me hear you say
La la la la la la la la La la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la La la la la la la la la la

I am a good boy I am a good good I am a good boy

Wherever I go, they’re lining up, when girls see me, their eyes light on fire
During the day, I’m a lil hamster but at night when I’m making love, a gangster
A warm and affectionate look (natural skinship) you’ll be twitching
Even if you don’t tell me, I know what you want, I can tell Continue reading G-Dragon & Taeyang – Good boy

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Lovelyz – Getaway (비밀여행)

The lightly applied pink lipstick, my lies my lies
This unfamiliar dress, will it look pretty? My lies my lies
It’s a style I put together, my lies my lies
Don’t pretend not to notice, my lies my lies

Slowly match your steps with mine like a song
I like that place far far away, with no one around
Let’s go far away so no one will notice us
Farther, farther, if it’s with you, just us two Continue reading Lovelyz – Getaway (비밀여행)

Lovelyz – Goodbye Chapter 1 (이별 Chapter 1)

As I look at the white spot that my ring left on my finger
I realized that we really broke up
If this spot disappears, will I forget about you too?
As I erased my photos one by one
I realized it was really good, we’re smiling
I think it’s going to take more time

No one rush me
I can do well by myself
It’s not easy ending things by myself
When it used to be the two of us
No one can understand my heart
Even if you’re an adult
Like being sick with a nasty cold for the first time
No one will understand my aching heart Continue reading Lovelyz – Goodbye Chapter 1 (이별 Chapter 1)

Twilerce – Remember (Family Secrets OST)

I’ll remember the day you left me
Be happy, all of me will remember you, remember you

The things I kept in my memories
Even if they break and I try to put it back in, forgive me

Even if I linger in the spot you were once in by myself
Even if I think of that rainy day by myself
Hold my hand, even if you can’t, don’t let go
Don’t forget me at that place, don’t forget me Continue reading Twilerce – Remember (Family Secrets OST)

Tiger JK (feat. Punch) – First Love (첫사랑)

Even when we’re walking in different directions
Our typical fate will make us run into each other anyway
So even if we turn around, we’ll face each other
I tried saying goodbye

In the end, we were walking in place, back to the beginning
We met each other when we were young
They were steps of love for this moment right now
Yes, I am walking to you again today Continue reading Tiger JK (feat. Punch) – First Love (첫사랑)

HALO – Come On Now (어서 이리온now)

Everybody what’s up!
What’s up, man!
OK let’s go HALO is back
We run this town (Come on)

I accidentally saw you on the street
I fell for your beautiful and pretty face
My body got hot (my body got hot)

Something is rising up in the body
Your long straight hair, your ant-sized waist (I’m falling for you)
My body got hot (my body got hot) Continue reading HALO – Come On Now (어서 이리온now)

Sunny (Girls’ Generation) – First Kiss

If you keep staring at me, I’ll get shy
Hold on now, I’m nervous, turn around for a second
I want to hide but I keep smiling
Close your eyes, make me smile, slowly come to me

I’m trembling, I can’t breathe, I can’t think of anything
Without knowing, I pushed you away, I’m so sorry
My heart isn’t like my heart at all, what do I do?
Baby tell me now, don’t be sad
Go back from the top Continue reading Sunny (Girls’ Generation) – First Kiss

Hyorin & Jooyoung – Erase (지워)

(Hello) You changed a lot, your shorter hair
(Hello) Your thick makeup, you’re like someone else
(Hello) I know that I mean nothing to you now, I feel it

You’ll forget me, whatever, I’ll just meet another girl
I’ll just meaninglessly meet another guy, it’ll be typical
Don’t look back so I can’t hold onto you, no way yeah

I’m not that great of a person
Don’t think too hard, no
Don’t pretend to be nice
We always had that kind of love, don’t say yeah Continue reading Hyorin & Jooyoung – Erase (지워)

Yoon Gun (feat. Lizzy of Orange Caramel, Zizo) – Chemistry (케미)

For some reason, you stand out more than the others today
Love you, love you, I can’t express it with words
I want to get to know you more today but it’s already evening
How about a beer, just us two?

I want to softly comfort your heart
For some reason, it feels like we’ll connect
First time, first time, my chemistry with you
I don’t know where to go or what to do
But for some reason, it feels like we’ll connect
First time, first time, my chemistry with you Continue reading Yoon Gun (feat. Lizzy of Orange Caramel, Zizo) – Chemistry (케미)

Ulala Session – Best Girl

Should I be honest? You’re the only one who comes into my eyes
You’re like a creamy cafe mocha
How can my heart not go to you after seeing you?

Your eyes, nose lips, hair, all seems like a photo shoot
You’re 34, 25 with a sexy back
A perfect lady, I’m so exhausted

All day, this rollercoaster won’t stop
Your mysterious actions play with my heart
If it’s like this all day, I think I’ll go crazy Continue reading Ulala Session – Best Girl

Na Yoon Kwon & Jubi (Sunny Hill) – Love One (Mister Baek OST)

Words that my heart said first
Now I finally realized
The feeling that keeps fluttering, keeps pounding
It’s love

It won’t leave me for a single moment
All day, I think of you
Even the shorter days, the long sleepless nights
It’s all because of you Continue reading Na Yoon Kwon & Jubi (Sunny Hill) – Love One (Mister Baek OST)