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Hello Venus – It’s Just Love (그냥 사랑 인거죠) Cunning Single Lady OST

It’s just love, meeting again like this after we broke up
Even when a different love comes and endlessly calls out to me
I can only look at you

How far back did you come? Are you still hiding your heart?
Are you hiding because our broken love hasn’t healed?

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Hanhae (of Phantom) feat. San E & C-Luv – Hang Up (끊어줄래)

Brand New Music Proudly Presents
This Boy From Phantom And He Go By The Name of Hanhae
We Also Got C LUV In The House And Of Course You Know Me San E
So Ladies And Gentleman Please Give It Up We Would Appreciate

Ask anyone passing by anywhere
How pretty you are
I think of your face when I turn on the lights in the morning and turn the lights off at night
Although you would never know

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SPICA – Witch’s Diary (마녀의 일기) Witch’s Romance OST

Inside the hidden darkness, the shadow shakes
Her scent shines in the light
Yes, I’m a witch

Say (you) gonna love me
Cast a spell, spell it
Feel it sweetly like a dream
Yes i’m a witch (girl)
i’m a witch (girl)
Melting in love

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CGSE (7942) – I Love You, I Love You, I Love You (사랑해 사랑해 사랑해)

On my way to meet you, I can’t hide my racing heart
How should I tell you? Will you accept my confession?

No matter what anyone says, you’re my only love
You just need to always stay by my side like now
I’ll always be by your side forever

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Pascol (Feat. Heyne) – Merry Black Day (메리 블랙 데이)

There are too many days only for couples
Too many
There are too little days for singles
Just one day
Hello, Merry Black Day

February 14 is Valentine’s Day
March 14 is White Day
May 14 is Rose Day
June is Kiss Day
November is Pepero Day (what)
Guys who haven’t gotten chocolate (put your hands up)
Girls who haven’t gotten candy (put your hands up)
April 14 is Merry Black Day
Let’s hang out and play on our own (everybody solo)

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Eddy Kim – Push & Pull (밀당의 고수)

I’m confused again today, your texts bother me
But when we meet, you’re so bright
It doesn’t work out again today, you act like we’re gonna meet up soon
But when I try to make plans, you say, oppa see you later

Everybody knows, this is being an expert at the push and pull
A girl who puts me up and down
Each day, realize again, an expert at the push and pull
I laugh then cry, you confuse me girl

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Jay Park (Feat. Simon D) – Metronome

When you’re cold, I’m hot
But when one wants to leave, the other begs not to go
Sometimes, we hate each other so much that we don’t even talk
But with just one kiss, we make up and love again
Baby it’s so crazy crazy from break up to make up
Like this and like that, like a rollercoaster
Up and down, what I want is security

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