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Lena Park (feat. Hanhae of Phantom) – Meet For A Little Bit (잠깐 만나)

Yeah, it’s Brand New
Lena Park and Hanhae
Let’s go

On days like today, I need you
I just need a moment
I’ll give you my time, just listen for me
You don’t need to answer Continue reading

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Zion.T – Yang Hwa Bridge (양화대교)

I was always alone at home
My dad was a taxi driver
Whenever I asked him where he was
He’d answer, the Yang Hwa Bridge
Every morning, he’d leave me candy and ramen
My dad would end his shifts at dawn
I remember the young me, always waiting for his pocket
Mom, dad, my two older sisters
I was the baby of the family, the cutie
I remember those days
I remember Continue reading


Block B – Secret Door (Secret Door OST)

Make your heart hot, make your words rough, be cool as you shout, hahahaha
Make your eyes cold, make your heart tight, loudly shout, hahaha

Yeah, I only journey to places with storms and rough waves
I don’t need an uneventful life, I’m a man of self-assertion who does whatever he wants
When you’re sleeping with sweet dreams, I stay up all night fulfilling new dreams
I look high instead of far because I have no regrets, can’t stop Continue reading


Hazel – Don’t You Know (모르고 있나요) Glorious Day OST

Even when I’m just looking at you, you give off a scent
Day by day, I like you more and more like a fool

Don’t you know my heart? Your other half that fate decided for you?
It’s a little late but step by step, I’ll go to your empty spot
And I’ll knock on your heart Continue reading


Bubble Sisters – Break Ups Are All The Same (이별이 다 그런거지) Cheongdamdong Scandal OST

You’re disappearing without even saying goodbye
Only leaving behind memories that aren’t enough
I brush away my blank heart
But the spot you used to be in, your warmth
It’s still cooling down

Break ups are all like this
It’s all the same like the others
Sadness flows away with the tears
And it gets buried in time
I am walking on a far path once more
As I am drawing out our love
My remaining life, all of the memories
I’ll live with those fluttering feelings Continue reading


Billy Acoustie – Typical Love Typical Story (뻔한 사랑과 뻔한 이야기) Plus Nine Boys OST

The short goodbye, the sight of your back leaving without hesitation
It was a day I couldn’t understand, where tears silently fell

Even at the exact moment when you turned around
I thought it was still love
Am I just a passing by love?
Are you going to forget me in the end? Continue reading


8eight – Let’s Not Go Crazy (미치지말자)

Even if it feels like we’ll go crazy, let’s not go crazy
Even if it feels like we’ll die, let’s just live
When tears flow, there will be a day when they dry
Let’s not go crazy, let’s not die, let’s live

You left not because someone cheated
Not because we fought and got angry
But because love just wasn’t love anymore
I hate myself for being dumped
I keep getting doubts about my personality
Blaming myself, I know that’ll only give me a hard time
But it’s not that easy Continue reading


NS Yoon G & Giriboy – Fluttering Feelings (설렘주의)

You lightly said that I was so cute
Words I waited to hear for so long
Actually, I think you’re pretty cool too

I must seem cool, if you take the cool out of hiphop, it’s like a dead body
I’m someone who can take control over the chic you
You’re the painting and I’m the easel, you can lean on me
I took the brush so watch out for the fluttering feelings
I’ll make my eyes fierce so no one can touch you
Not even the oppas who know you or your closest guy friends
When you hold my hand, I’ll go to space and pick some stars
So just wait right here Continue reading


Loco & Mamamoo – This Song (이 노래) My Lovely Girl OST

Far away
So you can hear this song

This song of love
A melody for you

After running fast, I stopped and stood in the middle of the road
I suddenly started to daydream about you
I’m tightly holding you hand, which I couldn’t touch before, as we walk
When I opened my eyes again, I saw a bright star in front of me Continue reading


Acoustic Collabo – I Miss You So Much (너무 보고 싶어) Discovery of Romance OST

If you break up with me and leave
What am I supposed to do?
I tried living a day without you
I’m trying to fall asleep without you

I tell myself that I can forget you
I pretended that I did and tried laughing
As if it’s nothing, I went to the movies alone
In order to fill up your empty seat Continue reading