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S (Lee Ji Hoon, Kangta, Shin Hye Sung) – Secret Letter

I can’t do this without you
There is nothing
Though I want to, though I expect it
Though I hope and wait
There’s nothing I can do by myself

Turning around is the right thing to do
Breaking up was the right thing to do
I think and think about it again
I try to tell myself and comfort myself
But my tears say I’m wrong Continue reading

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S (Lee Ji Hoon, Kangta, Shin Hye Sung) – One Fine Day (이런 어느 날)

As I was quietly looking across the street for a while
I suddenly thought of you and smiled, I’m not used to that

How happy we were, how much in pain we were
Now it’s fading away on this fine day and I hate myself for it

More than when we broke up, more than when I was struggling to get over you
More than I was longing for our memories, forgetting you is more painful
Day by day, we’re getting farther apart, the words are disappearing piece by piece
I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t believe it Continue reading


S (Lee Ji Hoon, Kangta, Shin Hye Sung) – One Last Memory 내려놓기)

It feels like I came for a long time, feels like I passed ten stations
The time it took to see you again used to feel so long
But why does it feel so short today?

All day, I look into the mirror, trying to fix my awkward face
I should be able to smile for you
So you can be more comfortable when you break up with me Continue reading


Yoon Sae Rom (All The Staff) – Lost Child (미아) Endless Love OST

The candlelight flickers with the wind
About to be blown out just like my sweet dream
A flower petal blooms and withers at the bright light
My half-blossomed youth becomes a flower petal, blossoming then withering

Tears and sighs are extravagances
My dried lips are stained red
So sad like a lost child Continue reading


S (Lee Ji Hoon, Kangta, Shin Hye Sung) – Without You (하고 싶은 거 다)

Even if I light up a cigarette that I used to quit
Even if I drink with my friends until late at night
Even if I stay up all night watching a soccer game that I used watch cautiously
I sleep until late but it’s alright because there’s no you to complain

Your annoying and irritating nagging
Your voice, I can’t ever hear it again
If you’re worried about me without you
There’s no need, I’m comfortable like this Continue reading


Rose Motel – Dream / Romang (로망) Misaeng OST

The dream of having a drink
The lights that pull me in the far distance

Even if I’m weak
A man has to walk alone
Sometimes I fall from the wind

Young and sorrowful days
When my sad dreams crumble down
I couldn’t pick it back up
Even when I got on my knees Continue reading


Kai – Prayer (기도) The Three Musketeers OST

At the tip of my trembling sword
I see the cold moonlight and when it shines
In between the moon halo that follows me
The clouds are silent
The night reveals a lonely island

I try and try to forget you
But on nights I can’t fall asleep again
The memories come to life and breathe
On days like that
I even forget what I’m about to say
Only the tear stains and memories remain Continue reading


Woohyun (Infinite) – When Love Comes (사랑이 올 때) Modern Farmer OST

When love comes without knowing
When love comes carefully
When love comes like a rain shower
I guess this is love

When love comes sweetly
When love comes, it embraces me like a dream
Every time I see you, I get a happy smile Continue reading