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ALi – Music Can’t Lie (노래는 거짓말을 못해요)

How should I sing this song?
Just looking at the lyrics, it seems like my story
My eyes are tearing up for no reason
Even before I sing, I think I’m gonna cry

I hid this without anyone knowing
I pretended I was bright and strong
After letting you go, after going through pain and misery
I endured through, as if nothing was wrong Continue reading

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Crush – SOFA

I’m sitting alone on the sofa where you used to be
I couldn’t sleep a bit, in case you came
I’m just blankly staring at the front door
I try closing my eyes and covering my ears
But the memories come back to me
Will my heart stop if I hold in my breath?
Only my longing for you comes back

I’m alone on the sofa where you used to be
I’m here, waiting for you
So far from my side, you’re so far away
I’m still not over you, only dust remains
As I wait for you Continue reading


Sooyoung (Girls Generation) – Wind Flower (바람꽃) My Spring Days OST

You’re such a kind person
A person who always smile even when you’re in pain

Did I ever thank you for being by my side?
I was so happy that it was you

Like a flower petal that blows in the wind
Like the sunset that colors the sky
Even if I go away, don’t be sad Continue reading


FIESTAR – Tight (타이트해) My Lovely Girl OST

All day, I can’t let go of my phone because of you
Why can’t things be like before? Why are you so nervous?
If you keep this up, I won’t like you anymore
Please stop before it’s too late

Your eyes used to be warmer than now
It’s getting scarier, this isn’t love
Let’s go back to the beginning Continue reading


Changmin (2AM) – You’re Mine (찜했어)

No work, no girlfriend on this Sunday afternoon
Instead of getting naggged, getting out of the house is a good choice
At Garosutgil, where I used to walk with you, I think of our memories, I think of this and that

In an inner alley of that street we used to walk on
I’m sitting in a cafe that we used to go to
It’s filled with couples who are so happy, oh my god
When will I? Continue reading


2AM – Day of Break Up (이별 그 날)

I woke up in the morning and looked in the mirror
My eyes are sunken and my face looks gaunt
Did something happen? I asked myself
It’s nothing, everything should be fine

As soon as I opened the door, I got text from you
You asked me where I was, that’s what I used to ask you all the time
I reply, saying that I’m on my way right now
But why are tears forming in my eyes? Continue reading