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Super Junior – Islands

The road is far and the water was deep
My feet are frozen and there was light past the ocean
Time flows even on days that aren’t calm
You were with me during all of my time

On top of my nervously shaking shoulders
You put your hands without a word on top of the water
Connecting us heart to heart, unfolding road for me

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Super Junior – Mid-Season (환절기)

The temperature of the wind that brushes my ear has changed
I am standing on the line of changing seasons
Taking a walk, stepping on the streets of the street
Our memories solidify like fossils as it continues to torture me today

I’m not living my life like you wanted me to
I can’t be satisfied with anything in my life right now
I tried to hate you hundreds and thousands of times
Even during my busy days, I smell your scent that became an afterimage
I love you, I love you, I want to hug you and tell you, even if it’s for a day

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Super Junior – Shirt

Black and white shirt, pop your collar, pop ya collar and switch
Black and white shirt, roll up you sleeves, everyone clap your hands and switch
Black and white shirt, button up and everyone shake it together
(She likes my) Shirt Shirt Shirt Shirt
(She likes my) Shirt Shirt Shirt Shirt

How can I start talking to you?
Our eyes have met
Are you hesitating with the same thoughts?
I’m falling for you with each step

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Super Junior – Midnight Blues (춤을 춘다)

I’m dancing baby oh

You and I, I thought I wouldn’t last a day without you
I fill you up in my empty glass and I open my half-closed, blurry eyes
Who am I? I clutched my aching heart and tried to turn away for days
Drinking in the cold night air, wandering in this place without you

I walk on the same street multiple times, pulled by the light that swallows me
Dizziness, that’s all, it’s not you
I’m fine then I start to sway
I’m shaking, yeah

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Super Junior – MAMACITA (아야야)

Why are you shutting your mouth right now?
Did you decide to just go with the flow?
Just say shh! Then everything will calm down
Everyone keeps nagging
Were you expecting us to be Superman?
This world is good enough to play in, right?
If you do as you always did, go as you always went
There’s no way you’ll stick out and be hit by a hammer

We’ve strongly protected ourselves, yes!
Donghae also says that, yes!
We have this specialness, ooh!
Exactly what kinds of things happened?

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