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Lee Young Hoon – Hope It’s Not A Dream (꿈이 아니길) Falling For Innocence OST

Your warm eyes, I hope it’s not a lie The smile you showed me, I hope it’s not a lie The person who rises at the end of the blue dawn I hope… Continue reading

Jungheum Band – Feel My Up (My Unfortunate Boyfriend OST)

Feel me up with your love Show me your sweet love, oh my babe Good morning till good night kiss Be with me for every little thing Oh my sweeter Am I the… Continue reading

Bastarz (Block B) feat. Incredible – Sue Me (배째)

I’m a son of a bitch, famous for going crazy, cocker My temper can’t be controlled easily Filtering out songs that are like trash I won’t rest, fuck comma ADHD, I keep moving,… Continue reading

Bastarz (Block B) – Nobody But You

Pour your eyes Into my heart So it overflows, more more more Like I’m burning with thirst Let me drink you And fall asleep We’re like a cocktail In a soft and square… Continue reading

Bastarz (Block B) – Thief (도둑)

I can never hide it Whatever you want, whenever it is, oh yeah I’ll get it No one will know Tonight, I will have you Girl just stop cuz imma come and take… Continue reading

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