Infinite H – Pretty (예뻐)

You’re so pretty, when I see you, my lips go up so easily
You’re the helper in my life, I can stretch now thanks to you
Like birds of a feather flock together, you’re on my side
My life went from being a documentary to a melodrama
We’re replay all the love stories of the world
I’ve already been burned by the sun called you
All the negative energy is gone because of you Continue reading Infinite H – Pretty (예뻐)

1PUNCH – Ice Ice

Ice Ice Ice Ice Ice Ice
Ice Ice Ice Ice comin’ at you Ice Ice
Don’t hurt me, why’re you doing this to me

Your killer heels, your walk is chic
As if you have everything in the world
It’s like you’re enjoying the looks
Everything must look easy to you

Tell me what I’m lacking
Don’t play with me with ambiguous words
You’re so cold
You’re not cool, you’re freezing Continue reading 1PUNCH – Ice Ice

Nine Muses – September 17 (9월 17일)

I let out a sigh as I open my eyes again today
Why did I do that yesterday?
I couldn’t tell you the words I prepared
Like a fool, with a hesitating face
I couldn’t say anything, stupidly

My hidden heart
Is growing bigger when I see you
Like a child, I’m getting smaller again

I draw you out in an empty room, not able to sleep
Tossing and turning, imagining I’m with you
As I fall asleep, though you don’t know
Some day, I want to tell you my aching heart
As if it’s nothing, I want to hold your hand Continue reading Nine Muses – September 17 (9월 17일)

Nine Muses – Jururuk (주르륵)

Like a fool, I trusted you
When it wasn’t even real
Did you think I was a joke?
Was I that easy baby?

Seeing you change
I should’ve said something then
But now you coldly turned away
And I need to forget you

Is that all you can say? Is that all you can be?
What am I to you? Explain yourself
Did you even love me? Did you even like me?
When you said I was the only one, was that a lie? Continue reading Nine Muses – Jururuk (주르륵)

Nine Muses – Choice

Don’t misunderstand by just looking at my eyes, no
Don’t rush, I’m not easy, I’m a hot girl
Don’t try to have me in a typical way

No wait just five minutes
The slight wait is a check point for you
I, I don’t hate you
Just show me yourself more clearly, yeah

You’ve been caught red-handed, you’re going crazy
Woo baby, woo crazy
I got a feeling, before this night ends
Your heart will be mine, steal your heart Continue reading Nine Muses – Choice

Bae Ki Sung – Don’t Cry (돈 Cry) The Family Is Coming OST

Fill up my drink, I’m going to sing
Empty it and put down your regrets
The filled up drink will make you rise
You can survive this world only when you’re drunk

I smile because of you and cry because of you again today
My love, who I always want
You remain as my regret, whispering to me
You’ve left a scar like that

Don’t cry, don’t be sad
You still have to see Continue reading Bae Ki Sung – Don’t Cry (돈 Cry) The Family Is Coming OST

U-KISS – Want You Back (돌아와줘)

(Yeah she aint Coming back Come back to me)
Time keeps ticking
I keep thinking of you
Be with you
Be with you

Listen girl
I spend my days with unbearable pain
Listen girl
Without you, I’m like nothing

Listen girl
Oh Oh My Girl
you know that I love you
There’s so much I didn’t do for you Continue reading U-KISS – Want You Back (돌아와줘)

U-KISS – Who Said (누가 그래)

Hey who was it who told you those stupid things

The first time I wake up in the morning
And you ain’t here next to me
I’m not as easy as you think
Did I look that easy to you?
Where did you hear those weird and useless things?
If you come back right now, it won’t be too late
Hold onto my wrist and whatever anyone says, we’ll keep being in love Continue reading U-KISS – Who Said (누가 그래)

1PUNCH – Turn Me Back (돌려놔)

You clearly left me
You clearly know that I’m in pain
I didn’t know what love was, I was lost
I clearly lived for you, babe

At some point, I started getting cautious about us
Both of us, tonight
You seem like you have something to say
But I know what that is
I want time to stop, go back, go back
Back to the innocent times
All the good memories are passing by
Let’s stop like this Continue reading 1PUNCH – Turn Me Back (돌려놔)

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