A.cian – Magic Girl (마녀시대)

Once upon a time… No… Actually, right now,
There is a boy who is about to fall in love with a beautiful gir… er… witch.
You know, I don’t have time for this,
Just listen.

The night grows deeper
And I can’t sleep
When I was lonely and howling (howl)

Through the darkness
You flew to me
Like the stars in the night sky Continue reading A.cian – Magic Girl (마녀시대)

MC Mong – DOOM DOOM (Daishi Dance Track)

United as one
Sharing love all around the world
Let’s cherish every moment
Because we live for the music
And die for the music

At the end of the track, I’m running in place
The music clan war is over, I was trembling but now I got up
super base like a boom boom

Leave the rice warm before it finishes cooking
But before I left it alone, I fell for it
The music of life is my other half Continue reading MC Mong – DOOM DOOM (Daishi Dance Track)

MC Mong (feat. Richard Parkers) – White (하얗게)

White, white, I’ll erase you white
White, white, I’ll empty my heart white

She’s the color white, a book that rules over me
A color more beautiful than hundreds of other colors
I’m lovesick but I’m pretending to be fine
I’ll let you go only with good memories remaining

I can’t do this kind of love again
A sweet dream like honey that can’t ever come again
There’s no other bitter medicine than betrayal
I need to endure reality, though my body goes to you Continue reading MC Mong (feat. Richard Parkers) – White (하얗게)

MC Mong (feat. Sun Woo Jung Ah) – Cold Phase Addiction (권태중독)

At first, I said I’d cut my heart is half and give it to you
At those sweet words, we held hands
That’s how love started for us
We just didn’t know it’d end like this

We hid the dirty things, deceived each other as we dated
Every day, we learned and learned, growing our love
Like the light that can be seen between our fingers
We believed we could catch it

The sun is falling, love is shattering
Are the stories becoming reality?
I only loved you and now I want to kill you
Are we just suffering from multiple personality disorders? Continue reading MC Mong (feat. Sun Woo Jung Ah) – Cold Phase Addiction (권태중독)

Shinhwa – Never Give Up

Baby you, hold my hand, hold me tight, fly with me, one way flight
Should we fly higher? Until we go farther, never give up
(Yeah Yeah Yeah) We Never Give Up (Yeah Yeah Yeah)

At first, we were like a huge blue wave
Like a boy who was dreaming of an endless ocean

Even if it rains and I tremble
(I’ll make the sun and wind of tomorrow my friend, I’ll dry these wet clothes and close my eyes)
Even if I fall asleep in strange places
(We’ll share dreams) that’s enough Continue reading Shinhwa – Never Give Up

Shinhwa – I’m In Love

I keep thinking of you, your bright face and smile fill up my head
We’re just friends but my heart trembles, yeah, actually, I like you

We Can Get It On Till The Break Of Dawn or We Can Just Chill Then I’ll Take You Home
The imaginations and illusions in my head, I can’t tell them apart, oh god, be calm
I’ve decided, you are mine, why couldn’t I confess earlier?
Imma Better Man I’ll Do Better Than All The Other Men That You Been With Continue reading Shinhwa – I’m In Love

Shinhwa – Give It 2 Me

Your attitude makes me imagine, your attitude makes me imagine
Your black hair, smokey eyeliner, deep scent, your body talk
I’m stealing looks at your body, Give Give Give It Up C’mon Give Give Give It Up

With a breathtaking glance, I can’t take my eyes off you, that’s how pretty you are
I want you, I want to catch you, from the moment I first saw you uh uh uh uh

I’m melting at your different body movements (uh uh uh uh)
It’s like you’ll come to me but won’t, your mysterious love (Give It 2 Me)
The more I see you, the more I fall into your charms
I want to hotly hold you like this (Gi-Give It 2 Me) Continue reading Shinhwa – Give It 2 Me

Shinhwa – Bad 4 U (얼음달)

Darkness, dark in the night, follow the light, get slowly closer Oh Uh Uh Uh Yeah
Just Walk On The Lies, scattered dreams, slowly trapped in the clear maze, Oh Uh Uh Uh Yeah

(Yeah-) You Don’t Gotta Go Back, at the end of a memory that I won’t forget,] One Night
(Yeah-) I’m Down, this is a cruel puzzle, Chapt One

I Don’t Want To Talk With Another Oh No, you’re coldly leaving (Oh)
When this night passes, your touch that hotly held me (even those traces go far away girl)
It freezes and disappears Continue reading Shinhwa – Bad 4 U (얼음달)

MC Mong (feat. Chancellor of The Channels) – Love Mash (사랑 범벅)

My hair is a mess, tangled and long
It’s time that I shave my facial hair
But now even my mother gave up on me

Just when I was smelling like a loser, her scent came to me
So our house became hot like the tropics
It’s hot like we’re in our twenties

As if I’m naked, as if I’ve been caught, I’ve swallowed my heart
Your eyes give me the assurance
And it’s changing, the second transformation Continue reading MC Mong (feat. Chancellor of The Channels) – Love Mash (사랑 범벅)

Shinhwa – Don’t Cry

You’re endlessly looking at his turned back
This exhausting familiar scene, you’re crying again

I don’t care if this rain falls on me all night
Because your tears won’t stop either

Please Don’t Cry You Fall And I Fall Girl
I can’t just look anymore, I don’t want to leave you crying
Please Don’t Cry You Fall And I Fall Girl
I’m here to embrace all of you
Baby Don’t Cry Don’t Cry Cry Continue reading Shinhwa – Don’t Cry

Shinhwa – White Shirts

On top of the first shelf in my closet, where I can easily reach
There are my slightly big white shirts that you loved to wear
When I go to wear them, I remember you
Your bright smile and face when you looked at me
Everything is still so clear so I keep wanting to cry

The white shirts that you loved, they still have your scent
Where are you? Everything in my room speaks of you
My shirts that you loved
I’m still waiting for you babe, you just need to come to me Continue reading Shinhwa – White Shirts

Shinhwa – Cat (고양이)

Your black eyes (Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah), you quietly close them
You secretly bewitch my heart (Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah)
You don’t say a word, I can’t breathe, yeah yeah

Don’t touch me, no I can’t, touch you
The more you do that, the more I have to watch over the beautiful you
I saw you in the shaking darkness, I can’t lose you but you’re trying to hide again

I wanna follow you without rest, wherever I go, I only see you
I’m being pulled by her back, her back
I wanna put her in my eyes, even her steps are pretty
Lightly, lightly, motion, her back, her back
Don’t stop, don’t stop baby
(Ah Ah) Ah Ah Ah her back Continue reading Shinhwa – Cat (고양이)

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