Phantom – Fly (날아올라)

Oh baby oh baby oh baby
You’re so pretty, you caught my eye (you hoo hoo)
Ooh baby ooh baby ooh baby
I like you a lot (you hoo hoo hoo)
Ooh I think I’ll get drunk with you (baby girl)
I get red as it rises up, I feel like I can fly

Even if I don’t say it, you’ll know how I feel
I’m even a little embarrassed since you probably know too well
If someone asks me to write the word, love
Why hold a pencil, give me a pen right now
Sometimes, my bad and aching heart makes me dizzy and confused
But your pretty smile is like my prescription
So it rises up like I’m drunk
As I look at you, I feel it like I’ve been drinking
I can’t control my heart either

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HA:TFELT (Ye Eun) Feat. Hye Lim of Wonder Girls – Iron Girl

Just because I took a step back, you think I lost
Just because you can’t see me, you say it’s over
A crisis becomes a chance, scars become armor
No one can break it, I guard my hear, do you see that?
Even if I’m lost in the maze called Despair
I trust myself in the split road called Chance
I need to stand up, what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger
I’m an expert on turning the tables and winning

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BESTie – Roller Girl (롤러걸)

Insignificant wolves only say I love you with their words
They’re so shameless with their words
I see right through you
Who do you think you are
I’m strong, sweet, beautiful

Even if it’s just one word, I only care about the truth
I’m looking for that kind of love, oh yeah
I hope you will do that for me
Just say that you love me baby

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