Park Bo Young – Leaving (떠난다) Oh My Ghost OST

Where am I?
I’ve been walking for a while
Without any thought

Under the broken street light
With the blinking light
The bugs gather around it familiarly Continue reading Park Bo Young – Leaving (떠난다) Oh My Ghost OST

Yoon Mirae, Boys Noize – #Capture The City

Piercing through the clouds over a sleepless city of night
Blinking towers of light and high buildings
Bird’s eye view, I see the streets filled with people below
Seoul city committee, the secret clue is
In the land of morning calm, with exciting dreams
Throw your heavy burdens over your head, all you busy people
The two pigeons walking next to you are swaying with full stomachs
I’ll lead you into my rhythm from your tired lives Continue reading Yoon Mirae, Boys Noize – #Capture The City

Teen Top – Except For Me (나만 빼고)

errbody but me
errbody but you
can’t over it
please tell me that I’m alright without you
Teen Top Brave sound

As if everything has stopped, this alleyway is filled with darkness
My poor heart after you left me
Gets cut even by the passing wind
When will this cruel longing end?
I shouldn’t have met you, I can’t shake off your beauty
A flower that lost its scent, it’s like me who has lost you
What use is it to regret? She’s gone Continue reading Teen Top – Except For Me (나만 빼고)

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