Song Ha Ye – You Give Me Happiness (행복을 주는 사람) Cheongdamdong Scandal OST

Though the road I’m taking is dangerous and far
I’d like it if you went with me
If the morning sun shines on our path
Then I can tell you that I am happy

Looking here and there but the best part is
That I am together with you

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Acoustic Collabo – It’s Strange, With You (묘해, 너와) Discovery of Romance OST

I have so much fun thinking of you
But I get really lonely thinking of you
It’s a strange thing to like someone

An evening with nothing much going on
I’m walking in front of my house because the night air was good
But suddenly, I miss you

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NC.A (Feat. SIMS of MIB) – Crazy (미쳤나봐)

A-yo to all ma ladies, I just want someone else
What’s wrong nah? N.CA

What’s wrong with you today? You’re in such a bad mood
Don’t know what I’m gonna do
Are you annoyed by me? Or are you sick of me?
Just tell me what to do

I didn’t know you enough back then
I was blind in love
So I believed in your lies

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Jay Park (feat. Gray, Loco, Simon D, Trinidad James) – SUCCESS CRAZED (미친놈)

I aint never gonna stop I aint never gonna stop
I’m a success success success crazed guy
I aint never gonna stop I aint never gonna stop
I’m a success success success crazed guy

Cuban links, on my chest is a Jesus piece
I make make make money and my jacket is Versace
All of you are stupidly sitting there and hating on me
I earned everything the hard way, I made money with my own blood
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Jay Park (feat. B-FREE, Take One) – WHO THE F*CK IS U

I said ugh
This music scene is going backwards
What, it discriminates the true artists
Guys put on makeup thicker than girls
They dye their hairs like girls and say it’s manly
WTF, I’m not trying to do hiphop
This isn’t acting or a concept, whatever I do, it’s hiphop
If you do fucking childish things and think it’s cool, you’re mistaken
If you’ve done this for a while, then move out the way
From now on till forever, it’s out turn Continue reading


Jay Park – GGG

On top of the running guy is the flying guy
On top of him is Jay Park, the guy you all know
Since I was born, my style was hot, everyone was jealous
I just came to get my party on

I have the curse of having women problems because I have so many charms
They try to rub against me like rice, Jeonju 1
No choice but to live like a play boy
Rich enough to always pay like it’s natural
Don’t really have greed for money but it chases after me every night
I come to life and all the pretty girls are konbanwa
Follow me to my room, get it hotter than a sauna
I’ll get to you in order

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Jung In & Gary – Bicycle (자전거)

The weather’s so good for the first time in a while
The sky is clear just like our relationship
I just laugh for no reason, laugh for no reason
The Han River is embraced in the arms of the tall buildings
We ride our bicycles through the wind
Laughter comes out, laughter comes out

Don’t stop, run toward the red sunset
Don’t stop, this moment
I feel so good

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