No Min Woo (ICON) – Before You Go (더 늦기전에)

Butterfly, butterfly
That was what I called you
I missed you when I was alone so I called you
When I close my eyes, it’s like I could touch that place
It feels like you would be there, always in that place

Day by day
Days without you
Are so long by myself
My eyes keep tearing every day
I hold back the tears but my heart aches

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LeL (Feat. 2PM’s Jun.K) – Just As It Is (있는 그대로)

The world is so sharp, sometimes the scars might hurt
I want to become a gentle wind and give you rainbow happiness

Though I’m not perfect, I will always be honest with everything in my heart
Without making anything up, I’ll show you my true feelings with an open heart

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Block B – Unordinary Girl (보기 드문 여자)

It’s not good if a person has that much charm
Please tone it down
You’re the one who’s pretty but why am I the one who’s tired?
You’re not an ordinary girl
You’re an unordinary girl

It’s like you put effort but not
In your matte tone fashion, I like your detail girl
You may seem free but you’re detailed when it comes to work, you’re sexy, professional
I used to be lukewarm but now you made me hot
Sometimes you make me freeze, sometimes you make me boil
At some point, you became the temperature inside
You became the motto of my lifestyle

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Homme – I Was Able To Eat Well (밥만 잘 먹다라)

Even when love leaves, even when the heart is bruised
It’s just the moment, I was able to eat well
It wasn’t like I was going to die
Bury the tears, just focus on work for now
Be thankful for the fact that
I knew her, who I loved to death

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Homme – After Work Date (퇴근길 데이트)

I like you baby (where are you?) yoo hoo
I see your face
I need you baby (oh, you’re here?) yoo hoo hoo
I see you, who I thought of over and over again

I guess I was so excited for the past two days
It’s been a while since we’ve been on a date
Today, tomorrow, I’m always working overtime
Why is it always when I’m meeting you?

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Homme – There’s No Way I Miss You (니가 그리울 리 없어)

There’s no way I miss you
There’s no way I’d feel like that
I’m just a bit lonely, that’s why tears fell

No matter how much I think back
You have never treated me well
There’s nothing to really call a memory
That’s how empty you were

I erased your phone number and the pictures we took together
But what is happening?
Why am I suddenly getting tears at thoughts of you?

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Homme – Luv Star

I never seen like her
She’s my pretty lovely star baby

Hey girl, wanna hear what I have to say for a moment?
You are my type, don’t need any other explanation
You’re different from the typical girl
Your fingers, toes, even the way you talk
Oh my god, thank you
All of you is perfect, I’m going crazy, please

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Rex.D (feat. Sanchez of Phantom) – Ordinary Love (보통의 연애)

Maybe we didn’t end up that way
But I guess the traces are being erased little by little

Like a racing horse with blocked peripheral vision, we only looked at each other when we dated
But we changed and started to hate each other, not even thinking about the end
Since we were that much special, our high expectations made us fight
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Lim Chang Jung – Wait (기다리라 해요) Joseon Gunman OST

In my heart that is sad because I can’t speak
The word, love is hidden inside
Are you sorry because those words reflect in my eyes?

Wherever I go, whoever I meet
I want to speak of you
So I can always see you

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Megan Lee – Ready For Love (Fated To Love You OST)

Baby I love you, Yes I do
Like a lie, I laugh and cry because of you
Just wanna be with you
Can you hear my heart?
My only love has blossomed inside the pain

Love is you, filling up my heart
Like the stars, you’re so bright
I can’t explain with words
It’s a fate-like love

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