Kang Min Hee (miss $) feat. San E – Does He Talk About Me? (내 얘긴 안해?)

I met your friend for the first time in a while
We used to hang out the three of us a lot
I asked how he was doing
I wasn’t really curious but for the next question
I asked how you were doing

He’s fine, he’s doing well
I saw him a few days ago and he looked happy
Honestly, he struggled after breaking up with you
But he met a good person now and he’s in love
But why?
No way, you’re not still hung up on him, are you?
Let him go, let it go, if you really loved him Continue reading

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Almeng – Phone In Love (폰인러브)

Before I meet you, I changed my profile picture
I try on my prettiest clothes, making myself prettier
As I wait for your call, I think about what I’m gonna say
This time, I’m gonna hear it for sure, baby I got you

I’ve been introduced to several people
But every time it failed, my heart get a burn
But I want this time to be different
My heart pounds when I see you read my text Continue reading


Lena Park (Park Jung Hyun) feat. Verbal Jint – Sweet (Brand New Mix) 달아요

Oh you & I, oh you & I
Why, why do I like you so much?
I can see the sunlight in your eyes
Everyday oh everyday
I’ll make you smile, although I’m not that good
If it’s for you

So sweet, like a midsummer night’s honey
You came to me, ever since our first encounter
You came to me like someone I already knew
There were no need for many words Continue reading


Jung Il Woo & Nicole – Rain Tears Intead (차라리 비 눈물이) The Night Watchman OST

I’m looking in the mirror
Smiling as if nothing happened
I’m alright
I’m really alright
I mumble as I stand smiling

My face looks almost normal
It looks like I really forgot you
Everything was fine
But in my wet eyes
Tears suddenly fall again Continue reading


Epik High – Shoebox (신발장)

It’s gonna be a late night.
But baby I’m comin’ home.
It’s gonna be a late night.
But baby I’m comin’ home.
It’s gonna be a late night.
But baby I’m comin’ home.
Yeah it’s gonna be a late night.
Good night.

Will I be ok?
If I keep running like this?
My breath would stop
After a while, when the morning opens its eyes
And my dizzy life comes to a stop Continue reading


Epik High (feat. Taeyang) – EYES NOSE LIPS

You left me paralyzed.
No cure. No rehab for me.
Funny that you got the nerve to keep askin’ me how I’ve been.
You’re the victor in this pageantry.
But the only trophy you deserve… catastrophe.
I’d rather we be dead to each other.
No eulogies said for each other.
No rest in peace’s. Continue reading


Epik High (feat. Jay Park) – LIFE IS GOOD

No mercy, no remorse.
To all the crazy assholes who trampled on me and betrayed me
And the tricksters who are after my neck
I’ll lift my glass up high
Victory toast.
Like a boss.
Success is my revenge
My venomous happiness is bigger revenge than holding a grudge
My smiling family looks way better than the blood tears of my enemy Continue reading


Epik High – LESSON 5 (타임라인)

One person’s faith
One person’s infectious disease, a dog’s bark
One person’s freedom
One person’s wall and prison
One person’s nationalism is terrorism to a stranger
The answers just led to more problems in this mechanism
A demon in your computer, phone and TV
Wherever you look, the cut up pieces of truth are for sale
It’s easy
Tempers flare at just one bite
Small dissatisfaction makes the fiery flower of self-righteousness bloom
Justifying all sins
Defense and even murder is alright Continue reading

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