LYn – Baby Baby

I want to put my trembling heart, my thankful heart In the prettiest gift box and give it to you You wouldn’t like it, you’ll laugh at me Because of those random thoughts… Continue reading

Shin Ji Soo (feat. Loco) – Listen

I thought my days alone were glamorous But really, it’s frustrating like my messy room that I don’t clean Without fail, I stand on stage, singing about you But now it feels like… Continue reading

NC.A – Cinderella Time (통금시간)

umm (curfew curfew) uh woo (curfew curfew) umm When this time comes, my heart starts to pound When I’m with you, it gets even worse Now I’m in my twenties too and there’s… Continue reading

LABOUM – Sugar Sugar

Sugar, I keep thinking of you Sugar, but I’m holding it in Sugar Sugar Sugar Sugar You know that I’m the indifferent type right? You know, someone who just says whatever I was… Continue reading

K.Will – Back In Time (시간은 거꾸로 흐른다)

Time goes past the seasons Into a few years ahead but it’s still that day Tomorrow comes but I live yesterday Because time keeps going backwards When I close my eyes I still… Continue reading

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