LABOUM – What Are You Gonna Do (어떡할래)

They say if your tail is long, you’ll get caught
You know this (what do you wanna do)
I kept turning my head and pretended to be deceived
Didn’t you know?

(Don’t leave me now)
You’re leaving me to go to her
(What can I do) What do I do now? (tell me)

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Hyungdon & Daejun (Jung Hyung Don & Defconn) – Real Bad Girl (확실하네)

Hey, if you like me, say you like me, if you hate me, say you hate me
Tell me straight up (no!)
It’s clear, it’s all over, it’s all in the open

It’s clear, it’s really clear
I’ve been washed out, robbed and stripped so it’s clear
You’re a dangerous girl but a girl without a criminal record
Not even on the Most Wanted list, you are Lupin

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Yoon Do Hyun (Feat. Tablo & K.Will) – Me These Days (요즘 내 모습)

I’m a little strange these days
Sometimes, I zone out
I make mistakes that I haven’t made before

I passed my stop and went on for a while
I didn’t even know I passed it
I laugh and talk and have fun with my friends
But I don’t remember what we talked about

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HIGH4 – Time Out

Ah yeah
Y’all ready know what it is
HIGH4 coming back again what?
Gonna set the stage on fire yes sir you ready?
Let’s get it let’s go come on

My love hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot
It’s so hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot

When I look at you, my eyes turn into hearts
My heart pounds and you are oh my goddess
Even after a long time passes, this love will burn alive
It won’t ever go out

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