Clazziquai – Still I’m By Your Side (내게 돌아와)

The look you’re giving me is too much, don’t look at me
What’s wrong this time? Don’t tell me

The closer I go to you, the more you push me away
The more I talk to you, the more I get confused

Come back to me, come back to me
Come back to me, come back to me again Continue reading

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Acoustic Collabo – I Miss You So Much (너무 보고 싶어) Discovery of Romance OST

If you break up with me and leave
What am I supposed to do?
I tried living a day without you
I’m trying to fall asleep without you

I tell myself that I can forget you
I pretended that I did and tried laughing
As if it’s nothing, I went to the movies alone
In order to fill up your empty seat Continue reading


G.NA (feat. Kim Tae Woo of g.o.d) – Us (우리)

I sigh whenever I see you these days
What’s wrong with me? Do I not like you anymore?
Saying I love you gets old
We’ve become so stoic

One day, two days, one month, one year pass
I look at you but you’re looking somewhere else
If we’re in love, this isn’t right
It’s awkward and frustrating between us Continue reading


F.Cuz – D2D

The flashy lights tonight make my heart pound
One by one, people are gathering, I see the hip girls here and there
Friday night, it feels good, I got a good feeling
Party rock, let’s start, baby this is real play

Hey you (you) standing still, you (you), you keep looking around, you (you)
I’ll quietly go to you, nanana, it’s a good crowd tonight so don’t hesitate and enjoy
Shake your booty, tonight is, maybe we can, lalalala, I don’t know Continue reading


Playa – Mr. Moron (머저리)

Why did I meet a guy like you and suffer?
There are still a lot of guys who say they like me
You’ll realize when you start dating other girls
Even when that time comes, don’t cry and regret

It’s so hard after letting you go
I still can’t believe the words you said
I treated you so well so why are you doing this?
How could you do this? Continue reading


Noel – Too Late (늦은 얘기들)

I hear the music and the sun is setting under the clouds
At the sound of autumn coming, I think of you for a moment
Did I have to leave you? I regret
But it’s already too late, I won’t dwell on it

Sometimes, I shed tears at the passionate memories
Sometimes, I smile at the sad memories
As much as we were in pain, time has passed
Now it’s become just another break up Continue reading

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