10cm – October Weather (10월의 날씨)

The weather isn’t that good today
But a cool breeze is blowing, it feels nice
I don’t believe in today’s weather
But i’m getting ready to go out for the first time in a while

With courage, I stepped out on the street
Maybe I was the only one who was depressed
My heart that felt like a wet umbrella seems like it’ll dry
Like the others who are happy
I thought beautiful days would start to come Continue reading 10cm – October Weather (10월의 날씨)

BIGFLO – Obliviate

Lalalalalala lalalalalala lalalalalalalala

Shake your once still head up and down
Oblilviate, I’m casting a spell to renew you
Like a protractor, I’ll flip you over 180 degrees
Pray for what you want, fly high
Uno, dos, tres, cuatro!

As if you’re bewitched
Move your arms and legs (shake it up)
Turn up the volume to fit your mood right now Continue reading BIGFLO – Obliviate

Melody Day – Speed Up

Feels like my whole body is tilting, press down on the accelerator
The eyes get closer, focus in, I’m racing me

Ooh, more, turn it up now
Ooh, if you don’t like it, stop
I’m driving into a fantasy Don’t follow me

Can’t sleep Can’t eat, in my head, there’s only
One thing tonight, can’t think of anything else
Go forward, go forward down the straight path
I live to die Come on baby take me there Continue reading Melody Day – Speed Up

Park Bo Ram – I’m Sorry (미안해요)

On a cold day, I opened my closet
I saw my memories hanging and it’s making me cry
All the traces you left behind, there’s so many
Now our past will be forgotten

I’m just staring at my phone that won’t ring anymore
All day, I’m crying, the tears won’t stop Continue reading Park Bo Ram – I’m Sorry (미안해요)

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