S (Lee Ji Hoon, Kangta, Shin Hye Sung) – Without You (하고 싶은 거 다)

Even if I light up a cigarette that I used to quit
Even if I drink with my friends until late at night
Even if I stay up all night watching a soccer game that I used watch cautiously
I sleep until late but it’s alright because there’s no you to complain

Your annoying and irritating nagging
Your voice, I can’t ever hear it again
If you’re worried about me without you
There’s no need, I’m comfortable like this Continue reading

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Rose Motel – Dream / Romang (로망) Misaeng OST

The dream of having a drink
The lights that pull me in the far distance

Even if I’m weak
A man has to walk alone
Sometimes I fall from the wind

Young and sorrowful days
When my sad dreams crumble down
I couldn’t pick it back up
Even when I got on my knees Continue reading


Kai – Prayer (기도) The Three Musketeers OST

At the tip of my trembling sword
I see the cold moonlight and when it shines
In between the moon halo that follows me
The clouds are silent
The night reveals a lonely island

I try and try to forget you
But on nights I can’t fall asleep again
The memories come to life and breathe
On days like that
I even forget what I’m about to say
Only the tear stains and memories remain Continue reading


Woohyun (Infinite) – When Love Comes (사랑이 올 때) Modern Farmer OST

When love comes without knowing
When love comes carefully
When love comes like a rain shower
I guess this is love

When love comes sweetly
When love comes, it embraces me like a dream
Every time I see you, I get a happy smile Continue reading


Gavy NJ – Rewind (My Lovely Girl OST)

That sky, that wind, that air, that warmth, that scent, that feeling back then
My memories have stopped like film, you and I back then

The wind blows, you brush over to me
Clearly in my eyes, you come back to me as tears
Going back in time, going back in the memories
Just come back for one day, for one moment, rewind Continue reading


Super Junior – Hit Me Up

It’s like you drew a line with a stick, there’s no place for me to step
You’re put together like a cube, you won’t give me any chances

A plan with a perfect fit, it’s clearly cracking now
On this long night, trapped by you
Dum Dumdi Dumdi Down Down Way Down

Babe, you shake me up
Our breaths collide and heartbeats get quicker
Eyes that stayed up all night pass each other and it burns up, fire fire Continue reading


Kang Min Hee (miss $) feat. San E – Does He Talk About Me? (내 얘긴 안해?)

I met your friend for the first time in a while
We used to hang out the three of us a lot
I asked how he was doing
I wasn’t really curious but for the next question
I asked how you were doing

He’s fine, he’s doing well
I saw him a few days ago and he looked happy
Honestly, he struggled after breaking up with you
But he met a good person now and he’s in love
But why?
No way, you’re not still hung up on him, are you?
Let him go, let it go, if you really loved him Continue reading

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