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Melody Day – Speed Up

Feels like my whole body is tilting, press down on the accelerator
The eyes get closer, focus in, I’m racing me

Ooh, more, turn it up now
Ooh, if you don’t like it, stop
I’m driving into a fantasy Don’t follow me

Can’t sleep Can’t eat, in my head, there’s only
One thing tonight, can’t think of anything else
Go forward, go forward down the straight path
I live to die Come on baby take me there Continue reading Melody Day – Speed Up

Melody Day (feat. Mad Clown) – Scared (겁나)

You were so gentle
You were always affectionate
But today, you’re like a different person
What do I do?
I keep getting scared

Past the familiar streets
I’m on my way to meet you for the first time in a while
The skies are clear and the people look happy
It was harder to pick what to wear today for some reason
You said you had something to tell me, I hope it’s good news
I’m walking on the street with the cafe we used to go to a lot
My heart dropped for a second
Maybe it’s because the sun is too hot
When we meet, instead of saying what you need to say, just hold me tight Continue reading Melody Day (feat. Mad Clown) – Scared (겁나)

Melody Day (Narr. Jang Yi Jeong of HISTORY) – Oh My Guy

Oh my, what’s wrong, your answers got shorter
You’re not even giving me a wink
Are you still mad about yesterday?
You keep answering me so coldly

I spit out those words without even knowing
You can’t even be a man, your face turned red
Do you have to make tears come from my soft eyes? Continue reading Melody Day (Narr. Jang Yi Jeong of HISTORY) – Oh My Guy

Melody Day – #LoveMe

I can’t escape from your eyes that are like the Mediterranean Sea
My eyes keep going down to your baguette-like chest
You came close to me and blew wind into my heart

That face is handsome
But am I easy to you?
You keep crossing the line
We’re not like that yet

Tell me what u want, tell me
Your lips make me dizzy, hey hey
If you want me, you must make me crazy boy Continue reading Melody Day – #LoveMe