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Changmin (of 2AM) & Melody Day – The Very Last First (마지막 처음)

The more I think about it, I can’t believe it
In this big world, out of the many people
You and I have been connected since long ago
With a string that cannot be seen

After a long time, two roads meet as one

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Melody Day – Waiting (기다려본다) Hotel King OST

Because I’m bad and slow at love
I’m one step too late once again
I’ve finally arrived at your heart
But where did you go?

I still linger around that spot
Standing at the place you waited for me
How hurt and painful must your heart have been?
Now I finally know

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Melody Day – Another Parting (어떤 이별)

It’s getting farther away, it’s getting hotter, it’s tears, it’s a farewell
I fall down and tears start to fall, goodbye

Go slower, you fool
What’s the rush? What are you so sad about?
I love you,I love you, after letting you go like that
After I made you cry, I love you

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Melody Day – I Have A Person That I Love (사랑하는 사람 있어요) Bel Ami OST


So many things changed over the times
You probably still don’t know
Even my very awkward and short hello
Do you know how I feel?

You look at me with a smile
But I will tell you
If it’s this person who is looking at me
I might be able to forget you

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Melody Day – Only Me (혼자만) Marry Him If You Dare OST


Only me, only I am hurting and hurting
Only me, only I am comforting my aching heart
You don’t know my heart or my loving confession

Is the love – what to do? When I see you, tears keep falling
Love – what to do? I try to hold it in but my love seeps out

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Melody Day – Can You Feel Me (Medical Top Team OST)


I gather my hands and my seeping tears hurt more because it’s you
Why are you always a step away, making me short of breath?

The face that is there when I turn my head is you so it hurts more
Are my hopes too high for my heart to reach you

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Melody Day – All About (Master’s Sun OST)


I’m all about all about
Like a lie, I’m bewitched by happiness in my heart
The pain in my heart, the rain in my tears
I’m embraced by my only one, it’s you
A love like destiny, now I say bye bye to my shadowy, sad memories with a smile

You’re oh shiny star, can you feel this trembling?
In my heart trapped in a dark loneliness, you’re a light that dazzles like star light

I keep falling for you, a you-holic
You melt and spread in me
I bloom in your embrace like a dream
This moment is my paradise

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Melody Day – Sweetly Lalala (달콤하게 랄랄라) I Hear Your Voice OST


The blue sky makes me feel good
My footsteps get faster toward you

A sweet thought, I feel good
My face turns red without you knowing

When you’re having a tiring and hard day
Slightly lift the corners of your mouth
Toward tomorrow where you will brightly smile

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Boom (Feat. Melody Day, Hong Ga) – I Don’t Know Women (여자를 모른다)


You fool, fool, do I need to say it? Hold onto me, don’t let me go
How can you not know girls like that? The more I love you, the more I hate you

You and I, we keep missing each other’s ways
You and I, we keep going different ways
You and I, we loved without knowing that it would hurt

I liked everything about you so I’m flustered that I’m feeling this way about you
You used to say that it was okay even if we drank the vending machine coffee
I couldn’t do anything for you but hearing you say that made me feel even more pitiful
I hated myself but because I’m a guy, I just acted confident

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Melody Day – What To Do (어떡해) 7th Level Civil Servant OST


It was you, the person who would protect me
It was you, the person who makes me laugh
Say something
I don’t like that kind of face

It hurts, your cold words
This isn’t right, just ending it like this
You can’t do this to me
Please don’t leave

What to do, what to do
If I can’t see you, I think I will die
What to do, what to do
I’m missing you

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Melody Day – Magic Castle (Original: 더 클래식 – 마법의 성) I Miss You OST


Can you believe
That in my dreams, you are a princess that is cast under a magic spell?
Although there are so many hardships that come along your way

But I always have a strong determination
That I will save you once again
I gathered my hands and prayed for endless courage and wisdom

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Melody Day – Stop Hurting (그만 아파하자) Alice In Cheongdamdong OST


So stupid, so thoughtless, me who only looks at you
So frustrating, me who foolishly can’t forget you

They say I look miserable, they say really feel bad for me
When it’s just that you’re not by my side
I can’t do anything and I need to live too

* Heart, please stop hurting
Tears, stop flowing
What’s so great about love that it makes me into such a fool?

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