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Melody Day (feat. Mad Clown) – Anxious (겁나)

You used to be so gentle You were always so affectionate But today, you’re like a different person What should I do? I keep getting anxious Walking past familiar streets On my way… Continue reading

Chahee (Melody Day) – I Can’t (난 못해요) Tomorrow Cantabile OST

I can’t do it, I can’t leave you I can’t do it, I can’t erase you I can’t do it, I can’t let you go I can’t do it, I can’t live as… Continue reading

Melody Day – Listen To My Heart (Tomorrow Cantabile OST)

Listen to my heart It’s calling to me In the broken dreams, in the sighs I won’t shrink up Look into my eyes I don’t care if it’s more than once For you… Continue reading

Melody Day – Because I Don’t Know Love (사랑을 몰라서) Fated to Love You OST

You came to me like coincidence And you took away my whole heart Do you know how my heart pounds? You make me smile My feelings keep growing All day, I think about… Continue reading

Lee Jong Hyun (CNBLUE) & Melody Day – Young Love (사실은 말야)

Actually, when I see you, my heart pounds When I face you, everything grows white and erases Sometimes when I run into you, we only exchange short greetings But there are so many… Continue reading

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