Rainbow – Sweet Dream

Hey boy, you’re my dream
Uh, don’t you wake me up
(Baby I can’t let you go)

Don’t wake me up from my sweet dream
Keep taking me into your loving arms

[Verse 1]
You’re looking at me
I feel the sad eyes, I know
Even without any words I know, by just looking into your eyes
You’re trying to leave me
Just don’t say those cold words, oh baby
We’ve been doing so well, even through the darkness

You’re my star who has always been there shining for me
You’re my sunshine who has embraced me with warmth
You’ve always been there, always with me
You can’t do this to me, don’t leave me (Baby I can’t let you go)


[Verse 2]
I cover both of my ears
Oh, I can still hear your voice, oh baby
You’ve told me before that you love me


Don’t let my hand go
We’ll see each other again once this rain stops, Rainbow
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, navy and violet rainbow, this is the future we have in front of us
I don’t care what others say, I believe in my dream
That is you, my one and only sweet dream

(Lala lala) Without you, my sweet dream is drifting away
(Lala lala) Without you, my sweet dream is disappearing

Baby I can’t let you go


Baby i can’t let you go

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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