The Ray – Clean Up (청소)

Again today, I sleep at one side of my bed
As I leave space for your side
Everything in my room comes in twos
Starting from tea cups to the toothbrushes in the bathroom

As much as we have memories of when we used to love,
Traces of you are still here and there, filled in my room
And it’s making me suffer

* Again today, I wondered if I should clean up your traces
For the entire day- but it eventually stays as it is
Yes, I can’t even clean up a single tear drop in my eye
And it keeps flowing

I’m so pitiful for not being able to forget like this
I can’t help it- I guess this is the way I am
Even though I determine to clean tomorrow
Already seasons have passed

All the memories are split into two
For you, they are memories
For me they are painful tears

* repeat

I guess I still can’t
I have no confidence to throw away any memory
Maybe I’m keeping it because there’s a chance you might come back
Again today, I lay on my bed and I can’t clean up a single pillow
I left it at the spot where you used to fall asleep

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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