Simon D (Feat. Zion.T) – Stay Cool

Don’t worry about it baby, everything will be fine
The worries that linger in your mouth will go away
“I still long for my mother’s embrace
Why is it that only the floor I lie down on is cold?
Why am I such a mess?” Don’t think these thoughts
Instead, take it out on me
9 to 5, are the times you shine the most
When night comes, your sexiness is revealed
When you work, you are so beautiful
I wish you would work every day, oh is that too much?
Late at night, you meet your friends
Your voice gets louder and like a habit you say “oh gosh”
Yes, how can you hold back?
But please think of the nearby tables, mama
I wish you would save up your voice, my dear
Just drink that and leave, if you go somewhere else, I won’t like you

 * Baby, don’t worry too much
Don’t sigh too much
You’re pretty when you smile- I tell you all the time
Baby, stay cool, don’t frown
Don’t shed precious tears
We’re holding hands tightly
I won’t let go, you know this
Baby it’s so good- don’t be swayed

** Stay cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool
It’s so good, good, good, good, good, good 
It’s gon’ be alright Stay cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool
It’s so good, good, good, good Stay, stay cool baby

 Riiing- your sudden phone call saying let’s meet up
I wonder what’s up and I bite my nails
Even from far away, your round face is half its size
And my heart crumbled up at your disappointed face
Baby, lift up your head, I missed you a lot
Was this day that bad to you?
I’ll listen to it all- you can take out your anger on me
I’ll be strength to you, you can lean on me and cry
You and me, still on this street
Things we don’t need to know are pressing us down
From the top of our heads to the bottom
Every time you lay on the lumpy pillow, tears come to your eyes
Suffering always brings clashes
Even if that pain gets tolerable, every time you shout
I am your comfortable cushion that will hug you from behind
You did a good job today, go home and rest

 * repeat
 ** repeat

Your anger that seems like it will burst at one touch-
Put it back in, put it back in
The days that were painful like an illness,
Even if it’s regrettable, stay calm, whoa whoa (x2)

When you’re tired, I’ll be your arm pillow
You can lay down comfortably, close your eyes
When you’re sad, I’ll be your handkerchief
Lean on my shoulders and wipe your tears

** repeat

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