TVXQ – Honey Funny Bunny

Don’t stop, hurry and come to me-
Please close your eyes (oh slow down)
Don’t talk, wait a little more
Calm your shaking hand (oh oh you wow)

I will melt you with my heart that is more moist than a chocolate chip cookie
More than chocolate marshmellows oh my love
I will melt you with my heart that is thicker than aroma fragrances
Please accept my heart (accept it), okay?

Honey Funny bunny- softly like a sweet scent
Day by day-yeah-e day-yeah-e
Honey Funny Bunny – like hot fireworks, like a deep first kiss
wow-wow wow-wow

* Honey Honey Honey Honey – you’re so sweet
Funny Funny Funny Funny – you’re so fresh
Bunny Bunny Bunny Bunny oh baby
I want to be in your arms and dream for always

You’re so eye-blinding- I can’t look at you- so beautiful (yo so fine)
My heart is fluttering, I can’t fall asleep
Lub dub lub dub- someone please calm me down (oh-oh-u-wow)

Those soft lips that brush against my cheek
What do I do, I want you- please come to me now
Those child-like eyes that longingly gaze-
What do I do, I fell into them (what do I do)

* Repeat

(Secretly secretly) for you (a song a song) I will sing
(For a long long time) I want to give you my love
(Listen) it’s about to burst
(Look at me) look at me (come to me) come to me
I want to hold you and fly to the sky

* Repeat

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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