Tablo (Feat. Bumkey) – From The Bottom (밑바닥에서)

* Oh, even if all the tears of the world
Are welled up in my small eyes
I wish I could shed your tears as well

You just had to meet me when I was at rock bottom
Whenever you smile, my heart aches
To me, everything is guilt
Is that a half-smile?
Is that a smile that did not fully bloom because it doesn’t know a different world?
You say you’re alright but I guess I can only give you the state of being alright
Because I hated to show you this small and embarrassing empty hand,
Like a fool, I make your extended hand, an empty hand too
Earlier, maybe later – why couldn’t we have met when there was good news?
You could’ve rested under the sunlight in a green forest
But you, who walks with me in the rain under my rain cloud,
My love, an unfortunate person
This isn’t how my heart is
I didn’t become your better half in hope that you’d take half of my unhappiness

* repeat

You just had to meet me when I was at rock bottom
The sound of your cries make my heart ache, to me
Even though I want to comfort you, I’m exhausted and my face grows dark
I can’t make you laugh and I put you to bed, who passed out from crying
My stopped two hands are your watch
What has crumbled is not mine but your future
But why is it when I see you are different when you wake up
I think of my own reality that hasn’t grown a single inch
I’m sorry – even if I say it thousands of times, I’m sorry again
That this small room and this low ceiling is the sky
That I am your umbrella and the rain

Goodnight, goodnight
Goodnight, goodnight
Goodnight, goodnight
Good morning

* repeat

Baby I’ll try
Someday, I will be happiness to you
Someday, I’ll be the best for you
Today, it’s just words but girl I’ll try
Baby I’ll try
Someday, I’ll give the whole world to you
If I can’t, I’ll change the world for you
Today, it’s just words but girl I’ll try

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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