LED Apple – Dash

Yes! Lady and Gentleman
This is LEDApple time
Check it out now

How many days has it been since you burned my heart
Not even saying once that you love me
You who has no courage cannot approach me
Until when will you look at me from afar?

I want to say it first, I will say it
We want each other, it’s so hard
So why hesitate? Why close my mouth and not talk?
Give me a chance to confess my love
Accept me, believe in me, I have you in my heart
I’m a man who’s ready to really take you up
I’m a man who will fill you up
Tightly hold my hand
I don’t wanna let you go – one more time

If I say these things first,
Like a fool, you were uncomfortable
If it’s like that, there’s nothing we can do
Because then, you have no right to be loved

* Now I will approach you first
I will tell you that I love you first
Both of us know that it’s love
So I don’t even know why we need to be like this

As I think, as I think, as I think – I will love you
There will be nothing like watching you from afar from now on
I used to walk alone but now I will walk these streets with you as I say that I love you
Don’t be worried, look at my two eyes
We fell in love at first sight
Dash dash, accept me
Because I’m a man who’s confident to treat you right

It’s not that important about who’s first
If we live this short life with just love alone

After I fell in love with you, I changed
My lonely times have been filled with thoughts of you
It’s not a burning fire of passion but
I have a trust in love that will never be broken

* repeat

I opened my eyes to love
I want to hold onto you
I will put everything on line
To me, to me, to me, to me

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

3 thoughts on “LED Apple – Dash

  1. thank you so much!! im cant speak korean and iv always wanted to have accurate lyric translations!! i love I-OH and im one of those fans couting the days down till its been two years since he quit…hopefully by then he has recovered and come back to us!!all LEDAs unite!!!!!


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