Dynamic Duo – Guilty (죽일 놈)

Why did you do that to me before?
What’s wrong with you again?
To what extent do I need to level with you?
You’re always like this – fine, I’m leaving

You run out, slamming the door behind you
I hit my head and let out a sigh and rest against the car wheel
I’m so used to sights like this now
Now I don’t even get hurt from these fights
Just like you shop for brand name products, you’re so picky
Once you get mad, the aftermath is so bad – you go for at least 2 weeks
Because I’m so nice, you always tell me, because I’m a guy, I should take a step back
I’m really uncomfortable with the way you pressure me into marriage
Like an expert, I now know many ways to change the subject
You always come after me and I always run away
I’ll be honest, I’m not ready yet
I’m tired, my love toward you, is like a ring with peeling plating, fading away
I think I need to break up with you today
I’m so sick of these words that I say every time we fight

* I’m the guilty one – whenever our opinions differ,
It’s all my fault, as if I’m a criminal
I take a step back and don’t say anything
To perfect you, I’m always a lacking person

At first it was easy to be with you
For you, I hid and erased myself
I was drunk with love and leaned against you
I forcefully fit myself in your puzzle
But now I’m tired
You made me like this and I can’t breathe
More and more, you expect more out of me
Like the shoe sole that is wearing out due to friction, love is wearing out as well
Your nagging is like a necktie, choking my neck and making me be quiet
That’s why it seemed good
But then, inside of me was being twisted and going wrong
I miss myself before I met you
The period of tiredness in our relationship is a wall that is too high
I said that I will be better, that I will be good but
I want to tell you today, this the last time I will say this between us

* repeat

I will be good
I don’t ever want to say “I will be good” ever again
I don’t want to say it
I won’t say “I love you” ever again
I will be good
I don’t ever want to say “I will be good” ever again
I don’t want to say it
All the times I held back words of separation, I will say it now

* repeat

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